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February 21, 2018

So Yeon Ryu

Shanshan Feng

Sung Hyun Park

Lexi Thompson

Chonburi, Thailand

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much for coming today. My name is Christina Lance, and I'm with the LPGA Tour. It's my pleasure to visit Thailand for the first time. Thank you very much for having us for the 2018 Honda LPGA Thailand.

I would like to introduce you to the ladies up here on the stage with me. We have World No. 1 Shanshan Feng; World No. 2, Sung Hyun Park; World No. 3, So Yeon Ryu; and World No. 4 Lexi Thompson.

I am the least important one up here, so I will stop talking. I will start with Shanshan. This is your ninth Honda LPGA Thailand. You tied for fifth in 2012 for your best finish. You have been 15 weeks at world No. 1. Is it still fulfilling for you? Have you felt any pressure with that world No. 1 title?

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think I'm so lucky, because I actually only played two tournaments during these 15 weeks. I actually didn't do much. (Laughter.)

I think I just claimed the world No. 1 in the right timing, just before the off-season, so nobody could pass me during the winter. So I got some free weeks. I was really enjoying all the time, and I played my first tournament of the season in Bahamas.

Normally I'm a slow starter, but I actually played pretty well in the Bahamas. I think my condition is pretty good, so I am really looking forward to come back to Thailand.

THE MODERATOR: Next, we'll come over to Sung Hyun, who's playing in her first LPGA Thailand. You had an amazing 2017: two wins, Rookie of the Year, Co-Player of the Year. How did you spend your off-season?

SUNG HYUN PARK: (Through translation.) In off-season I have more time to practice my skill. (Indiscernible).

THE MODERATOR: So you had just good effort and practiced your skill during the off-season?

SUNG HYUN PARK: (Indiscernible).

THE MODERATOR: We may need some fresh batteries in your microphone.

So Yeon, your turn. Playing in your sixth Honda LPGA Thailand. Runner-up last year many came so close. How do you feel coming back? Is this maybe your year?

SO YEON RYU: Yeah, I remember I played with Amy Yang last group last year and she just blade a some of just made everything. So I was like, no way I can compete her, so I was super happy when I finished second.

Yeah, I think I finished top 10 last week, and I think I haven't really finished top 10 sense last maybe October. So he was feeling happy to get into top 10 many hopefully I can still have that positive energy and I want to play two win again this year.

THE MODERATOR: Now we will go over to Lexi Thompson, who is playing in her seventh Honda LPGA Thailand, and the winner in 2016.

Lexi, is it comfortable coming back to a place you've already won? Does help, or dies it really make a difference?

LEXI THOMPSON: I would say it definitely helps a little bit, but I just love coming here to Thailand. The course is in great shape. It always is every year for us here.

I do feel comfortable on this golf course. I get to hit a lot of drivers, which I like. But the tournament is very well-run and we get a lot of fans out here supporting us.

THE MODERATOR: Questions. Please raise your hand and we will bring a microphone to you. I will start with a question of my own for these two ladies here in the middle. You had the great opportunity of both going to the winter Olympics. I know you were there to support Inbee Park as she carried the torch in and you took in some events as well.

What was that whole experience like?

SO YEON RYU: Like I already signed to go to the opening ceremony because it's an experience. You cannot really see -- I mean, you never know when Korea is going to host another summer or winter Olympics, so I already committed to going to the opening ceremony, and then I found out Inbee going to be torch runner, but I really have to keep the secret because that was a really big secret. I was like, I really want say something, but I couldn't.

So it was really cool to see my best friend there for such a big honor. And then same time, I was there motivated to someday be like Inbee. Someday I want be like one of the torch runner. That's going to be like cool.

Yeah, I am really proud of my country to host very nice winter Olympics. I think the opening ceremony was really, really cool. Unfortunately I couldn't catch up with Shanshan because I had to go Australia.

Yeah, I enjoying to watch winter Olympics.

THE MODERATOR: We'll translate that real quick and ask your thoughts, Shanshan.

Shanshan, your thoughts on visiting the Olympics?

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, after So Yeon knew that I was going to Korea, then is she decided to leave Korea one day earlier. No, she didn't.

SO YEON RYU: Because of you.

SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah. I mean, I didn't know she was at the opening ceremony. I arrived the day after the ceremony, and then I texted her. I was like, So Yeon, are you in Korea? She's like, I'm at the airport flying to Australia. (Laughter.) I'm like, Okay, so I totally missed you. Inbee was having fun with her husband at her husband's home. She was too far away to come visit me also. That tells you how bad I am. I don't have any friends on the tour.

But I thought it was a great experience for me, because even though I played the Summer Olympics two years ago, Winter Olympics was totally different. I was very happy that Alibaba actually invited my to their event. Then it was a dinner event, so I got to meet a lot of big names.

But then after the dinner they told us that we could watch the men's short track 1500 meter final, and I was there and I was like, Let's see, maybe the Chinese guy is in the final. I got there and the Chinese guy didn't make it to the final, so I actually didn't get to watch our Chinese athletes performing at the Winter Olympics.

I really enjoyed everything, and I actually bought a lot of things at the merchandise. I was like a tourist.

THE MODERATOR: Lexi, is it any different watching the Olympics now that you're an Olympian? I mean, you've got those rings on your wrist that you're very proud of. That would be kind of cool, I would think.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was definitely very cool to just be able to watch. I think it's always a goal to be able to represent our country, and to be there, having golf in the Olympics after such a long time, it was a huge honor for all of us. It was a big deal for just the game of golf.

Just to be able to watch it on TV and say -- I mean, that was our goal, to be at the Olympics, but to see it on TV, see the motivation behind other athletes and their celebration, I mean, it gives me goosebumps even when it's not for USA. Just to see their work pay off and their celebration, it's just unbelievable.

THE MODERATOR: Sung Hyun, what is your favorite Olympic sport? What do you like to watch at the Olympics?

SUNG HYUN PARK: (Through translation.) My favorite sport is curling. When I watch this sport I feel like it's exciting.

THE MODERATOR: I love watching curling, but I have no idea what's going on.

Any questions from the room for our players? Right down here on the front row.

Q. What do you guys like in Thailand?
SHANSHAN FENG: Pad Thai. We all say Pad Thai.

SO YEON RYU: Sticky rice, fried rice, and foot massage. (Laughter.)

LEXI THOMPSON: Food and foot massages. Golf is good, too.

THE MODERATOR: Do you have another question?

Q. This your first time playing here in Thailand. What is your expectation? What do you need to do to win this week?
SUNG HYUN PARK: (Through translation.) This is first time in this tournament, and I think the first thing is to adjust to this weather. I hope I could show a better play in this tournament.

THE MODERATOR: Next question for our players? Anything else from the room? Yes.

Q. (For Shanshan regarding last year.)
SHANSHAN FENG: You mean weather-wise? The golf course? I mean, everything, like I don't understand why the weather is so hot here. I don't know how the grasskeepers can keep the golf course so green.

I was talking to MJ on the putting green today, and she was like, Isn't this like the best greens that we ever see? I mean, I do agree to what she said. I mean, I think this is a great golf course, great design. The course condition is great, so I'm expecting a very fun week.

THE MODERATOR: Ladies, your thoughts as well.

SO YEON RYU: Yeah, I also thought this is best shape I've ever seen. Like I've play this golf course, this is my any fifth or six year, and then greens definitely faster than any other years.

Everything is in really good shape.

LEXI THOMPSON: There is no difference in the course for me. It's always in great shape for us. I would definitely say this year is probably the best I've seen it. The greens are probably the fastest and they're rolling very pure. We're all looking forward to this week.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions? Ladies, thank you very much. I appreciate you staying around today.

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