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February 18, 2018

Mike D'Antoni

Los Angeles, California - Postgame

Team LeBron - 148, Team Stephen - 145

Q. Can you talk about the competitiveness of the game and how different it was from the past?
COACH MIKE D'ANTONI: I thought it was really good. I thought that's about the right intensity and they cared and they played hard. I thought that was great for the NBA, great for the fans. Lot of good things. The players stepped up and they did what everybody asked them to do.

Q. A game like this, even though the All-Star Game is only played once a year, do you think it has the ability to set a precedence for years to come?
COACH MIKE D'ANTONI: I think it does. Especially when they divide them up and they have a little rivalry going and they're talking and they want to play. It's a little like the playground where you pick guys and you don't want to lose. For sure it will carry over. It should be just as good or better.

Q. Would you like to see them continue this format for next year?
COACH MIKE D'ANTONI: I think so. I mean, until it doesn't work anymore. But right now it's working, so, yeah, for sure. Maybe they'll probably televise the selections. That would be cool too.

Q. What was the story with Jimmy Butler tonight? He was the only guy that didn't play in the game tonight?
COACH MIKE D'ANTONI: He was tired and he just felt like his legs weren't there. He didn't practice yesterday or play today. You have to respect that. He plays hard. Sometimes your body just needs a rest.

Q. Give us a little snapshot, Coach, of some of the timeout huddles and some of the things you were talking about during the course of the game and then of course right at the end?
COACH MIKE D'ANTONI: The Golden State guys kept taking my clipboard and trying to draw up plays, and I had to fight them. I don't understand that one. No, it was cool. You know, it was a privilege for us coaches just to be around the best athletes in the world. It was fun, and they were listening and they wanted to win. We had a lot of guys that wanted to play well.

I thought all throughout the game it was great. Just being a part of it was super. Obviously, all you have to do is start drawing something, they know what they want to do. Like LeBron was saying, they improvise. Everybody's switching, so it's more how do you play the game, and they're the best at it.

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