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February 18, 2018

DeMar DeRozan

Los Angeles, California - Postgame

Team LeBron - 148, Team Stephen - 145

Q. How competitive was it in the final possessions, and can you talk a bit about that? And how it was different for you guys playing in an All-Star Game with this new format?
DEMAR DEROZAN: I think the whole game was competitive. It just got more and more competitive as the game went on, especially in that fourth quarter. It was a full-out, real-life game, and it was fun. I think this All-Star Game was definitely one of the best ones I've been part of. With the new format, guys took it extremely serious, you know, being able to play with guys from different conferences and go out there and compete was everything.

Q. Was this the new format or was it something that you guys as players had planned to do since last year, for example?
DEMAR DEROZAN: You've got to give credit to the new format. Being able to look over and see guys. You're playing with guys that you normally play against twice a year on your team. So I think that changed it up, gave it a new-found energy, and we carried that over to the court.

Q. How heartbreaking was that loss, and, two, keep this format or go back to East versus West?
DEMAR DEROZAN: Man, first of all, the loss was tough. We are always upset that we lost. Like I said, it felt like a real game. I think, for sure, keep this format. I think we laid the foundation tonight how well it works. I think it can't do nothing but continue to get better.

Q. How about the drafting? Keep it as is, not televised, televise it, or draft right before the game?
DEMAR DEROZAN: Televise it. Give the people what they want to see. I think everybody wants to see it. At the end of the day every single person that gets picked, you are an All-Star, so it doesn't matter where you really go, so I think televise it.

Q. You're from Compton, you went to USC. Is it significant for you to play in this game in your backyard from L.A.?
DEMAR DEROZAN: I mean, it was a dream come true. This is one of the moments that I'm going to forever live with. Being able to be a part of this, to come from where I come from and come out here and be a starter for an All-Star Game in my hometown, it definitely was a dream come true.

Q. Did you know the last two All-Stars, MVPs from L.A. were Shaq and Kobe. I think you had a good chance of winning MVP if you guys won. How does that feel?
DEMAR DEROZAN: You just want to break my heart some more, huh?

Q. I'm sorry, man.
DEMAR DEROZAN: Hey, just being out there was a blessing, man, honestly. Just being able to be part of that. If that would have happened, that would have happened, man. I'm just happy to be out there competing with them guys.

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