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February 17, 2018

Petra Kvitova

Doha, Qatar

P. KVITOVA/C. Wozniacki

3-6, 7-6, 7-5

Q. Hello, Petra.
PETRA KVITOVA: Hello Courtney.

Q. You said on court that you kind of maybe were mentally kind of all over the place a little bit for a couple of sets. Can you kind of talk about that?
PETRA KVITOVA: A couple of sets.

Q. I don't know. I mean you explain it.
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah. I felt it like that. I was going to the court and I was like -- I knew that I need to play aggressive and going for the winners. I know that she is like catching everything, which she did. And I just probably wasn't as patient with the balls and with all the winners. And was just a little bit overall plays and I just play everywhere.

So in the second set when I was still down and I was just trying to calm a little bit and just be more like with me and not like putting that much pressure on myself and on all the winners and just try to probably move her a little bit, but not like crazy. So that's what I tried. And I was just counting like point by point and didn't really look to pass or too much forward. So that was good one. And I was still kind of like down and I was trying to get back, and then suddenly, yeah, in the third was pretty tough to serve it out.

Q. I mean did you feel as though -- I mean was there -- did you feel like there was additional pressure today maybe because of the opponent, how well she was playing or fatigue or tension or anything?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think that she really played great, compared to Beijing was different match. I think she really like improved. She gets almost everything, and with the high ball it was still like before the line. So I was like lots of work to do with me, which probably that's why I'm tired now.

But yeah, I mean she was serving better. She was like mixing the serve as well. So it was pretty tough to read it. And yeah, she catch almost everything. And I didn't really went too much forward because she has great like those cross-courts and couldn't really play any volleys as well. So tough.

Q. But you won.
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, yeah. I don't know why, but --

Q. 12 consecutive wins. You've beaten three I think Top 10 players this week. Haven't had an easy draw. What have you been the proudest of over the span of the last three weeks going into the final here?
PETRA KVITOVA: Just told my coach today that I'm pretty proud of myself when I was kind of adapting for the outdoor conditions, coming from St. Petersburg in Fed Cup. This was what came to my mind today during the warmup. And I hope that like all the work which I did in the off season hopefully it's just showing up. So like all the fitness which I did, I think I'm pretty okay today with Caroline. I've been there for the rallies. I know it wasn't an easy match playing three sets. With Caroline it's not really pretty easy. So that's where I'm proud of myself.

Q. You're one win away from Top 10. How important is that or how proud would you be of that?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I didn't know until this time. I'm not sure if it's good now.

Q. We take it back.
PETRA KVITOVA: Can you? (Laughs). Okay. Doesn't matter probably. I mean, well, I expect if I gonna play well, my ranking will go a little bit better. But I think I'm not really thinking about the Top 10. I'm thinking about the final. That's important right now and I don't really care what is the number. But I'm really proud that I'm still in the draw. I could have lost twice already, at least. And I'm still here. So that's very amazing for me. And it's another tough opponent tomorrow. So I'm just thinking about the title, not about the Top 10.

Q. And how tough or jealous are you that Muguruza had a day off?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah. What I can say? It's probably good for her. It's not really easy to play night match, so it's not really easy, but maybe -- you know, I don't really know what's in her mind when she has a day off. So I don't really care. I think tomorrow will be another day, another match. And nobody will look what was yesterday. So we'll see.

Q. And then when you played in Melbourne, did you ever -- do you ever look back and think like how you felt then versus how you feel now? Like you're on an amazing win streak and Melbourne would have been a really tough loss.
PETRA KVITOVA: I'm trying not to. Of course sometimes there are some thoughts on that match, but on the other hand, I'm proud how I took it and how everything just is different right now. So I'm looking positively, and I'm trying just to be here and not really think about the past which I couldn't change anyway. So trying.

Q. Petra, you're playing Garbiñe tomorrow. Can you talk about that match a little bit, what sort of expectations do you have of her game and how do you prepare for that?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think it will be a different game compared to today for sure. She's aggressive player, and she will really go for that. I think that she will try to put the pressure on me, and that's what I'm going to try as well. So it will be kind of similar game plans. And she's serving very well as well. She's nearby the baseline, pushing the opponents. And I think I'm just going to try to be the first one who is going to push her.

Q. Recently you played many matches, tough matches. So I was wondering, your left hand and the fingers. Do you feel any like soreness or stiffness --

Q. It's completely okay?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah. It's very good. So I feel almost everything on my body, not my fingers and my hand, which it's great.

Q. You think what happened to you like one and a half years ago are just pastor do you still think about you are still on the way to coming back?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think I came back already, which it's good. I'm playing. Yeah, I still do have some flashbacks sometimes of the past and what's happened. But it's not that often as it used to be. So that's good thing as well and for me mentally. When we talk about the hand, it's good as well, so then it reminds me that often as well, I really need to be focusing on the hand and see the scars, but I'm not doing that. So then it's better.

Q. Petra, what has the recovery process been like this week, like after --
PETRA KVITOVA: You see how late I am.

Q. Hence why I'm asking. I mean is it --
PETRA KVITOVA: Sorry for that.

Q. No, it's okay. I mean is it just a lot of massage, ice packs? Is there anything differently you're doing this week compared to what you had to do in St. Petersburg?
PETRA KVITOVA: It's kind of similar, but I do feel like kind of spots on the body which is not that great. So probably that's why I took a little bit longer, I'm focusing on those places on the body. But overall it's about the massages and trying to eat well and whatever it's happened. But I don't like food anymore which is pretty annoying as well.

Q. You don't like food anymore?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I can't really eat. You know, when you are tired, you don't really have a taste to eat. So that's in my level now.

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