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February 17, 2018

Karl-Anthony Towns

Los Angeles, California

Q. What do you think about these All-Star Game changes?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I think it's cool. I think the fans are really going to enjoy it. When they get to see their favorite players from whatever conference it may be and have no limitations, it's very cool. For them it's a fantasy draft, just to see their favorite players with their favorite players.

Q. Are you excited to play with your boy Jimmy [Butler]?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I am. It's going to be fun. I would be lying if I didn't say I want to go against him in this, more for pride and bragging rights. But it's going to be amazing to come out and play with Jimmy again.

Q. If you could add one Rising Star to the All-Star team, who would it be?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: Oh, man, there's a lot of them. You can't go wrong with any of them. Every time I'm watching basketball, I get really amazed by the passing ability Ben Simmons has. For his size, his ability and his passing ability, it would be cool to try it out for a game.

Q. You said you're all about statements. We see your shoes. Are we going to see a Dominican-themed shoe? At the end of the month, it's Dominican Independence Day.
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I don't know who the sources are that are giving you this information. Yeah, I'm working on something for the Dominican Republic. I've always made statements, and I can't wait to make another one.

Q. For the first time ever Dominican players are playing together in the NBA All-Star. This is the first time. This is very important or very special for you this week?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: Yeah, I mean, it's huge. Like you said, for the Dominican Republic, we have two All-Stars. I don't think many people, when they look at the Dominican Republic, they think about basketball talent. They're always thinking about baseball and Albert Pujols and Robinson Cano, whatever the case may be.

They never think about the basketball side. The Dominican Republic has been doing an amazing job bringing up its talent and giving them the right resources so they may have a chance to be in the NBA.

I'm just very fortunate that me and Al [Horford] could be that kind of inspiration for these kids to understand that. No matter what the circumstances, especially in the Dominican Republic, are for them, they can achieve their dreams if they just put their mind, soul and their will into every single day.

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