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February 17, 2018

John Wall

Los Angeles, California

Q. What would you say Joel Embiid's best skill is on and off the court?
JOHN WALL: Off the court he's funny, man. He has a great sense of humor. On the court, he can basically do everything. He has a great skill set.

Q. There's been so much talk about Donovan Mitchell. Why do you think everyone's talking about him?
JOHN WALL: I think a lot of people are talking about him because you didn't expect that to happen. Nobody expected Gordon Hayward to leave, and then he went into a situation to lead right away, and he's been showing it every game. They have the longest winning streak right now in the NBA, and a rookie is leading those guys.

Q. If you could compare him to any player, current or past?
JOHN WALL: I like him like a D-Wade, a baby D-Wade.

Q. How do you feel about the way the Wizards are playing?
JOHN WALL: Oh, they've been playing great. Everybody expects me to be mad or upset. That's what you're supposed to do when somebody goes down. The next man is supposed to step up.

So I'm happy for them. Tomas [Satoransky] has been great for us. Everybody's been playing well. Brad [Beal] has been leading the team. It makes my job easy so I don't feel like I have pressure to come back. The way these guys are playing like they are, it makes my job easier.

Q. Why do you think people are picking apart what you say on Twitter or interviews you do? Why do you think that is?
JOHN WALL: People are always going to have their perception of what you are and what you say at any point in time. I always speak my mind.

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