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February 17, 2018

Kevin Love

Los Angeles, California

Q. What makes this All-Star Weekend so special not only to you, but in general?
KEVIN LOVE: Personally for me in 2011 this is where my first All-Star Game was and where I participated for the first time. So this will always be special for me. I was born right down the street in Santa Monica, St. John's Hospital. But taking in the festivities, this is all for the fans. You see us here at practice and you see us at all the events. That's what it's for.

It's amazing where the game has come from even from my first year here in 2011. So it's a great host city. Los Angeles is an unbelievable place. I think it's amazing to see where everybody has come from to enjoy this weekend.

Q. As an L.A. guy, how would you describe L.A. basketball?
KEVIN LOVE: L.A. basketball, how would I describe it? I mean, I always think about Showtime Lakers when I think of L.A. basketball, first and foremost. I remember growing up, my dad would pop in all the VHS tapes, whether it was ones he recorded or the very vintage games of them going up against the Boston Celtics and all those premier teams from that era.

So that's what makes me think of L.A. basketball. That transcends the hardwood. It could be on the blacktop or anywhere.

Q. Your young Turkish teammate [Cedi Osman], how is your friendship with him? Also, you've been in Turkey in the 2010 World Championship. How was that experience?
KEVIN LOVE: 2010 was an amazing experience. I've had a number of conversations with Cedi about that. I love him. I love the way he plays. He's a great kid. He plays extremely hard, which I love. Keep telling him it's not sustainable. I didn't tell him that (smiling).

But he loves the game. You can tell he loves working with guys like LeBron, guys that have been in the league for a number of years. We have a pretty savvy veteran team who loves having a young kid that they can work with. It's really a breath of fresh air to have a young kid like that. We haven't seen that too much in years past where we've had rookies.

But Cedi has been our lone rookie this year with a bunch of guys -- is Z [Ante Zizic] considered a rookie? Yeah, Z's in there too. So those two guys I've been having a number of conversations with. We all share -- I shouldn't say the same agent, but we're with the same agency. It's been fun to get to know those guys.

Q. What about the new addition of players with you and LeBron around? How do you see them getting along?
KEVIN LOVE: It's been a small sample size so far. But just getting some new energy into the locker room and seeing how those guys play out there has been great. George Hill has stepped into the starting lineup right away. Been super solid for us. Rodney Hood gives us a lefty with a lot of game. Kind of has a quiet confidence about him.

Larry Nance is double-double threat every night. He's a guy with a number of teams playing smaller basketball or positionless basketball in the league. He's a guy that can switch on to multiple positions.

Jordan Clarkson is a selfless player and kind of has that swagger about him where he doesn't care if he starts, comes off the bench. He can go out there and give you 20 points and help our bench. I believe in our first two games with those guys, we scored over 50 off the bench in both games against two very good teams.

So it's going to be interesting to see what happens because we feel like if we get a couple months under our belt playing together. We could be tough.

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