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February 17, 2018

DeMar DeRozan

Los Angeles, California

DEMAR DEROZAN: My first couple years was just getting used to the physicality, getting stronger, faster, being able to play long periods of times in a game, taking hits. The aggressiveness. So many things that come with being so young until your body develops, and then you put the knowledge of the game that you experienced over your first couple years into the game.

From there on out, you just pick and choose and nitpick away at certain things you want to continue to get better at.

Q. Best dunk in the NBA?

Q. Of all time.
DEMAR DEROZAN: Of all time. I mean, wow, I don't know. I'd say the best dunk this year was Giannis [Antetokounmpo] when he dunked on Tim Hardaway in the [Madison Square] Garden. But all-time, I don't know. I just don't want to throw nothing out there and walk away not thinking of something better.

Q. Best dunker of all time?
DEMAR DEROZAN: Vince Carter.

Q. Oh, hands down. Question: What has been one of the craziest bets that you or one of your teammates or fellow NBA players have made on or off the court?
DEMAR DEROZAN: Craziest bet? Probably something like you had to go head deep under the cold tub for like 30 seconds or something crazy like that.

Q. What are your thoughts on some of the trades that happened at the deadline?
DEMAR DEROZAN: I mean, I'm glad we didn't do nothing. You know, but it's always exciting as a fan to look around and see what goes on in the league and see how it transpired throughout the rest of the season.

So it's one of those things to where it's a cool thing because it brings a different energy to the organization, the teams and everything. You want to see what players do. It's part of the business.

Q. How much do you enjoy this?
DEMAR DEROZAN: It's part of our process of continuing to get better. It's one of those things where you have to go through things that maybe work but understand what you could add to something to make it work better.

So it's one of those things where it's nothing but an evolution of growth and making us a better team. So I love it. Obviously it's showing, and we've been winning at a high level this year.

Q. Talk about the play of all the young guys on your team coming off the bench and making an impact.
DEMAR DEROZAN: I love it. Our bench is everything. Our bench gives us older guys an opportunity to not play in the fourth quarter and to rest. It's great to be able to sit back and cheer those guys on while they go out there and pull out victories.

Q. If you were a fan, who would you pay to see, if you were a fan?
DEMAR DEROZAN: If I was a fan? Steph Curry.

Q. Have you tried to play some golf lately?
DEMAR DEROZAN: No, I don't know how to play golf.

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