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February 17, 2018

Al Horford

Los Angeles, California

Q. Looking at the Celtics, you have a lot of young guys that were like you were back in '07 and '08. How do you help them get that experience, because they really don't know what that's like?
AL HORFORD: Yeah, I mean, you really can't. You can say things, but they have to live through different things. I think the biggest thing that I try to emphasize to them and that Coach [Brad Stevens] talks about is embracing the now. They have their whole future ahead, that's obvious, but it's about taking advantage of what we have now.

I've been in the league -- this is my 11th year, and you never know if you're going to have the same teammates the next season. That happened to us last year. We had a great year, and I look around, and it's only four of us remaining.

So I just think it's embracing and taking advantage and doing the best you can with the group that you have.

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