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February 17, 2018

Victor Oladipo

Los Angeles, California

Q. Let's talk about your music. Tell us a little bit about the album, what's going on with the sounds outside of the NBA?
VICTOR OLADIPO: All right. So I've got an EP out. It's called "Songs for You," S-o-n-g-s for You. There are seven songs on it, and you can get it anywhere, on anywhere. I'm talking any social media or music media outlet -- Spotify, Tidal, everywhere.

They're just seven songs, obviously about relationships, but they're about life. Like things that people can relate to. And that's what I wanted to do. That's why I called it "Songs for You," because they're not for me, they're there for you as well. I feel as though if you listen to the songs, you can relate to them. You've been through that situation before, and it's about life.

You know what I mean? You can relate the song to life. Meaning like first things can get a little shaky, you know? Ups and downs. But at the end of the day, you can prosper when it's all said and done.

Q. Best NBA dunk of all time?

Q. No, that you've ever seen.
VICTOR OLADIPO: Best NBA dunk of all time, does it have to be in an NBA game or just an NBA player? Well, Vince Carter jumped over the seven-footer, hands down.

Q. What did it mean for you to sit courtside and watch Sabonis do his thing in Rising Stars?
VICTOR OLADIPO: It meant a lot. We're a package deal, so that's my bro. It meant a lot for me to go out there and see him and talk to him.

Q. He said you offered him popcorn during the game at one point?
VICTOR OLADIPO: Yeah, just to keep him going.

Q. Just a little more energy?
VICTOR OLADIPO: Yeah, yeah. He finished with a double-double after I told him he needed some popcorn.

Q. You've been part of All-Star weekend before, but being here as an actual All-Star, how is it different?
VICTOR OLADIPO: It's really different. To be able to come out here and be considered an All-Star is a little different than what I've come here for in the past.

It's a blessing. It's definitely been really cool to come out here and experience it with these guys, some of the best our league has to offer. So I'm looking forward to making this an every-year thing.

Q. What does this All-Star mean to your career?
VICTOR OLADIPO: It means a lot. It's my first one, obviously. It's just pretty cool to be able to say that, my first one. Hopefully it's the first of many. Just got to continue getting better.

Q. What would you say Joel Embiid's best skill is on and off the court?
VICTOR OLADIPO: Oh, you must be a Sixers guy. I think his best attribute on the court is his versatility and his size. His best attribute off the court is his versatility and his size.

Q. I saw you getting a workout in this morning. You seem to be taking this weekend pretty serious?

Q. Yeah. How are you approaching this weekend mentally?
VICTOR OLADIPO: I mean, at the end of the day we're here trying to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. Obviously, my competitive nature is going to get the best of me. But I think the biggest thing is just realizing that there's still a lot more season left, so still got to get my body right and keep my mind sane. But at same time, take it all in.

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