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February 17, 2018

Kevin Durant

Los Angeles, California

Q. Craziest dunk you've ever seen?
KEVIN DURANT: Oh, man, that's a good question. In a dunk contest or just in a game? I mean I've seen some 6-3 -- this 6-3 guy I used to play with a couple years ago, his athleticism was off the charts. I used to see him do normal dunks every day, and now when I see dunks it's not as good as his.

He's an athletic guy. I think he plays in OKC. I threw him a lob one game, and he was over top of the backboard. After that one, nobody else can compare.

Q. Best dunker ever of all time?
KEVIN DURANT: Vince Carter.

Q. What is your favorite All-Star moment?
KEVIN DURANT: Winning MVP in 2012, and my first one in 2010, that was in Dallas, and we played in the Cowboy Stadium. It was a pretty cool deal. Definitely exciting, your first one. So those two stand out the most.

Q. What is the craziest bet you've ever seen on or off the court?
KEVIN DURANT: Bet? I can't say that stuff on the mic.

Q. You were spotted at Topgolf. What are your thoughts on that?
KEVIN DURANT: Not very good. Steph [Curry] and Kyle [Lowry] were talking to me about going golfing because they play a lot. But, yeah, I've got to work on my game to catch up.

Q. As a leader, can you talk about social media?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, for sure. I feel like everybody has a voice, and especially with our own platforms we can use our voices for good. So it's not just me. I feel like everybody in this room has a voice, and it's getting louder and louder every day.

So we've got to speak what we believe in. We've got to speak our truths and got to keep it real out here, because there's a lot of fake [stuff] going on.

Q. People want to say that basketball players are a one-dimensional thing?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, that's ignorant. We're advancing as humans and as people. You don't just pigeonhole anybody. We've all got our own opinions, and we should voice them.

Q. How does it feel having your voice ring out?
KEVIN DURANT: It feels good, but I know I wouldn't achieve none of this if it wasn't for the game, so I've got to keep working on my game.

Q. K.D., you said it's a lot of fake [stuff]. What is one thing about the NBA that you would change?
KEVIN DURANT: Nothing. Nothing.

Q. What about first-time All-Stars?
KEVIN DURANT: Enjoy it. It's a long weekend, but make sure you enjoy it, don't take it for granted. These guys should be proud of the work they've put in to be here.

I still feel proud of myself to be here and among great players. Seeing Victor Oladipo here, and Bradley Beal. I'm so happy for these guys.

Q. What's it like to have four Warriors to represent together?
KEVIN DURANT: It's incredible. It shows the work that we put in and we continue to keep grinding every single day to be the best players we can be.

Q. Were you upset when the Thunder took you guys out of Seattle?
KEVIN DURANT: I'm going to be real. I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but I could get where the fans were coming from. It was tough. I loved being in Seattle. The love there was amazing, and to play in front of those fans, it would have been cool to grow up there as a player.

But that was out of my hands. I had no control over that. But I get the business side, and that's the bad part of this. You're taking a great team, a great culture away from a city like Seattle. I can't wait until another team goes back.

Q. What was the feeling when you had your first NBA Championship, going from a kid dreaming of owning that trophy and you got that opportunity?
KEVIN DURANT: As a kid, I dreamed about being the best player I could be, and whatever came after that, it came.

The championship was fun, it was cool to experience it, but I had to wake up the next morning and figure out how I was going to get better and what's next for me. I couldn't just chill because I wanted to chill. I had to keep going.

It was a cool experience, but I've got more to go.

Q. Coming from a father, as a kid, what do you tell the next generation?
KEVIN DURANT: Man, work on your game. It's always about the game. Don't let the extra stuff get in the way of the game. It's all about the fun and enjoyment of playing. So get on the court, get out in your communities, play with your friends, that's how we built the love.

We were outside all the time. I don't see that a lot with the kids. So just go find a court and go hoop, man. That's what it's all about.

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