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February 16, 2018

Kyle Kuzma

Los Angeles, California

World Team - 155, U.S. Team - 124

Q. What about the experience of playing in front of everybody. Was it like you were expecting it to be?
KYLE KUZMA: No, it was super cool. To have three Lakers in the Rising Stars Game in L.A. is pretty special. Especially our fans that came out. It sounded like we had a lot of them today, so it was really cool.

Q. What's it like being the host of this whole thing, with NBA players, being a rookie, just seeing the lights and stars coming in here just for you guys for the NBA weekend?
KYLE KUZMA: Like I said, it's cool. It's really a dream come true. Growing up you always watch All-Star Weekend, and now we all get to be a part of it. We get to play and hopefully continue to be a part of All-Star Weekend.

Q. What did you think about Zo's (Lonzo Ball) album dropped today?
KYLE KUZMA: His album? Oh, trash -- no, I'm just playing. No, it was actually solid. He's got a couple good songs on it. We make fun of him because he's like a Kidz Bop rapper

Q. Got any favorites?
KYLE KUZMA: Off the album?

Q. Yes, sir?
KYLE KUZMA: Grind Mode, it's solid.

Q. Growing up here and watching the All-Star Game, what was your earliest NBA memory? Like when you were a kid, that you first flashed on, like that's where I want to be when I get bigger?
KYLE KUZMA: Probably dating back to the All-Star Game, you know, Vince Carter, that dunk contest. That was probably one of my first memories of really watching basketball. I was probably about five at the time. So watching that dunk contest, kind of really propelled me, and I really wanted to be here so.

Q. It seemed like to start the game you were struggling a little bit and you kind of got it going in the fourth. Did you feel any nerves out there playing in front of all these fans and All-Star and all that stuff?
KYLE KUZMA: No, I mean, played like 50 NBA games already, so this is just for fun. I turned it up a little bit in the fourth just to, you know, give the fans a little something.

Q. Did you need a break right now? I mean, you played back-to-back-to-back nights. It's kind of under a magnifying glass, but in terms of overall where you are in the season, do you think right now mentally and physically you need a bit of a break now that you have one?
KYLE KUZMA: Yeah, I mean, you know, playing 50-plus games is definitely hard on your body, especially if you haven't really gone through it necessarily. But it's really good, not only for me, but for the Lakers in general.

I feel like we need to cleanse after winning a lot and taking a couple steps back. So I think it's a good thing all around. You always need time to rest. We come back into the workplace Wednesday, so I'll be on the beach somewhere chilling.

Q. This is a very important moment for your career. If you look at this game today and if you have to picture just one part of that game that you will always remember, what would it be?
KYLE KUZMA: One part?

Q. One specific part of this game that you enjoyed the most?
KYLE KUZMA: Probably Dennis Smith's missed dunk at the very end. That was probably the favorite part of today. He almost put his elbow in the rim, so probably that.

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