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February 16, 2018

Ben Simmons

Los Angeles, California

World Team - 155, U.S. Team - 124

Q. Little off topic, but when you came to the Sixers last year, Joel hadn't played yet. Did you have any idea just how good he was capable of being at the time, and were you sure he was ever going to be able to stay healthy enough to be on the court for you guys?
BEN SIMMONS: Definitely. Just watching him in practice he just had the footwork, his hands were great, he could shoot the ball. Everything that you see him doing now, you know, he was doing in practice. So on the other side of it injury-wise, I think he's been doing a good job of taking care of his body and making sure he gets everything he needs done, which has been great.

Q. Just keeping it off topic a little bit. I asked your two teammates earlier today who would win a singing competition among you?

Q. Yes, Dario and Joel. And they picked themselves, so you're the deciding vote?
BEN SIMMONS: I cannot sing.

Q. Yeah, you've got to pick one of them then.
BEN SIMMONS: Probably Dario. I know he has his Croatian music and songs that he goes to, so probably Dario.

Q. This is your first Rising Stars game. What do you think about the talent in this game? You're part of the future of the NBA, what are your thoughts?
BEN SIMMONS: I think the future is in good hands with the players that are coming through now. Great, young talent on both teams tonight. I think our objective was to really win and come out and dominate them, which was fun at the same time.

But it's exciting to see all the guys come through and all the talent, especially in this rookie class, the past class that I was in with Brandon and Jaylen and guys like that, they've really gotten a lot better.

Q. Play of the game for you tonight?
BEN SIMMONS: Probably just looking up when we're up 30.

Q. Ben, when do you think we're going to see you in the All-Star Game on Sunday?
BEN SIMMONS: Hopefully next year.

Q. What do you think you missed this year to be playing on Sunday?
BEN SIMMONS: I think just votes.

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