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February 16, 2018

Jaylen Brown

Los Angeles, California

World Team - 155, U.S. Team - 124

Q. Considering that you weren't invited to this last year, what was it like to get out there and show people what you do?
JAYLEN BROWN: It was fun. It was a great experience. I appreciate the NBA for having me. I appreciate the coaching staff. I think they did a good job of trying to relay a message for us to compete. We just fell a little bit short today. It happens.

Q. This All-Star brings out international fans. You're obviously used to getting fan love from college to the pros. But what was that interaction like with the international fans during All-Star?
JAYLEN BROWN: Oh, it's amazing. I love to travel. Traveling is one of the things I love to do. This summer I plan to spread my wings a little bit, so I'm looking forward to seeing some fans abroad and making some connections. Just seeing some unfamiliar faces.

Q. Of all the players of the Celtics organization that have played in this game, you scored by far the most ever out of any of them. The previous was 20, and you scored 35 tonight. What does that feel like to hear that, that you're kind of at the top of all of the Celtics who have played in this game, and what was your motivation in this game?
JAYLEN BROWN: What is the list of Celtics?

Q. Antoine Walker is second.
JAYLEN BROWN: Okay. Yeah, I mean, that's cool I think. Like I said before, it's just great being here. It's a tremendous opportunity. I just thank the NBA for letting me be part of this weekend. I had a lot of fun, and I just came out and was playing some basketball. Simple.

Q. Any particular motivations just playing in front of a world audience the way that you were tonight?
JAYLEN BROWN: Yeah, you know, playing in front of a world audience, and definitely I feel like I've got a chip on my shoulder, so I come out with that tenacity that I want people to recognize. I want people to see. I just come out and play with that fire and let everything else fall into place.

Q. Lastly, you started and Jayson Tatum came off the bench. But you did share a few minutes of time during two different stints during the game. What was it like to be able to play with a teammate in a game like this?
JAYLEN BROWN: That's fantastic, man. J.T.'s my brother. This year we've grown tremendously together. Just studying older guys -- Kyrie, Marcus Morris, Baynes, and learning the game together, Al Horford. So me and him have gotten better together.

So anytime you can grow with somebody in this league and also be successful, it's always dope being a part of situations like this. Like the Rising Stars Challenge I think is pretty cool. I think in the future, if we continue to stay together and continue to grow, I think we could be special.

Q. Little off topic, but playing with Kyrie Irving, how does he make your game better?
JAYLEN BROWN: Oh, I think that's a simple question. Kyrie draws so much attention, he's such a good player, less focus is on you. So you've got to come and show up. Kyrie is probably one of the best players in the world, so when he's on the floor, he just makes everything so much simpler. When he's not on the floor, you can tell the difference.

Q. Jaylen, I know you're not going to be in the dunk contest tomorrow night, but do you feel like you already won the dunk contest tonight with the way that ended?
JAYLEN BROWN: Oh, man. No, I think the dunk contest is going to be pretty cool. I'm interested to see. I told them I want to see what they're going to do this year, and if they do something spectacular, then I'll get in the next year. But I told them I'm going to see what you all got, and then I'll see if I get in it or not.

Q. Apologies, I know you addressed this topic a little bit earlier in Media Day, but there were some -- there was a little bit of controversy over some comments that were made by LeBron and then the FOX news host had something to say. I wanted to know how you value the role that athletes or anybody with a platform should play in this political climate?
JAYLEN BROWN: I mean, to each his own. I put extreme value on it, not only just to be yourself and voice your opinion and your thoughts, especially if you're educated in the field. I'm not saying that players should go out and say random things, especially if they don't know anything about it. But I think players, you know, I think they do know more than people give them credit for. I think people do research and people are entitled to their opinions.

But when an athlete says something, why is it downplayed or why is it considered not okay. So I always challenge that motion and just continue to push that next generation of not only are we athletes, but we can be other things as well.

Q. A lot of future superstars have had big rookie games, including LeBron in the past, including Kobe, just how they kind of showed what they can do on this level. Do you think that after a dominant performance tonight you can take it as a confidence moving forward and to be an All-Star next year?
JAYLEN BROWN: I don't look at it as that, but absolutely. If I had to answer your question, yeah, for sure. I just think continue to get better. My growth from last year to this year was significant, and my growth from this year to next year is going to be even better. So that's all it's about at the end of the day. It's not about dominating, it's not about this. It's just about getting better each and every day, you know, and just trying to hang a banner in Boston. That's what we're about.

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