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February 16, 2018

Buddy Hield

Los Angeles, California

World Team - 155, U.S. Team - 124

Q. Buddy, could you talk briefly about your experience tonight in tonight's game?
BUDDY HIELD: My experience tonight, it was fun. Shout out to Team World. We came out there, and we executed to get the win. Had fun, and the crowd stopped booing us, but the whole thing is to come here and have fun and get the win.

Q. Buddy, did you and Bogie (Bogdanovic) kind of have a little competition between yourselves, who could score the most points and make the most threes tonight?
BUDDY HIELD: No, we didn't, actually. I got hot first, and then Bogie got hot, he continued to stay hot. I don't know, I think Bogie had 29 and I had 26. So it was good tonight for both of us. We represented Sacramento well and represented our countries well.

So the whole thing was to come here and stay aggressive and get the win.

Q. Buddy, the World put on a really good show tonight. What do you think this means for international basketball? I came from Basketball Without Borders this morning. Do you think this shows that the NBA is a global sport and that all the world athletes are just doing great?
BUDDY HIELD: You know, it was the All-Star Game, so it wasn't like a really competitive game. But the world has been getting better. I'm proud to see a lot of guys around the world from France, Australia, you have Embiid from Cameroon, everybody is showing progress and the world is showing progress catching up to American basketball. You know, this shows how hard we've been working and how dedicated we are to this game.

Q. Can you talk about playing with Bogie on this stage versus playing with him in Sacramento? What is it that you've seen with him as far as a teammate?
BUDDY HIELD: Oh, he's great, he's great. Bogie likes the big stage. We both embrace it. We're both alpha dogs and we're both competitors. This show is for him. He knows it's an important show.

You saw how he got hot earlier, and nothing but love for Bogie. He's a team-first guy. You see him out there having fun, but he's a team-first guy. He's a good-character guy. I love being around him and I love being his teammate.

Q. Buddy, you said it is an All-Star Game, of course, but what did you take away from this, from playing this well on this stage?
BUDDY HIELD: Oh, you know, I'm just blessed to be here, of course. I just thank God for the opportunity of being here. A lot of people don't get to be here. You can't take this opportunity for granted. A lot of guys around the world wish they could be in this position right now.

So just blessed every second that I come out here and I represent myself, my team, my country, and the NBA on a high level.

Q. Just a quick question. Among your teammates, who has the strongest accent?
BUDDY HIELD: The strongest accent? I've got to say Bogie or me. But I think Bogie because he's still coming from Serbia, but Bogie has the strongest one.

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