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February 16, 2018

Brandon Ingram

Los Angeles, California

Q. How do you feel the process has been for your team over the last few years with so many talented players like yourself?
BRANDON INGRAM: I think we've been doing a pretty good job. Our guys have gotten better every single day. We have a really good coach who pushes us every single day. I like the progress of what we're doing.

Q. Is there frustration for the fans because there is so much pressure and because the players are not still there?
BRANDON INGRAM: I'm not sure if it's a frustration. All I can say is we're getting better every day.

Q. Is it nice that everyone else comes into L.A. and you get to stay home?
BRANDON INGRAM: Absolutely. I'm very happy that this one is in L.A.

Q. Coming off a road trip where you guys didn't do as well as you wanted, is it nice to get a little bit of a break with some of the players and just go out there and have fun?
BRANDON INGRAM: It is nice to get back and not actually kick your feet up, but just to get out and have fun with these guys and just play basically a pickup game.

Q. You and [Kyle] Kuzma having fun together?
BRANDON INGRAM: Absolutely. I think he's the guy that jokes and laughs all day, so that's all we've been doing all day.

Q. You're on a team in an organization that's surrounded by some of the legends and guys that have been part of championship teams. Anyone in particular you can call on for advice?
BRANDON INGRAM: Magic Johnson. He's in our front office. He's at most every practice every single day. For any advice, why not go to him with the caliber of player he was, how many championships he won, the way he carries himself. He's always there for just information on anything we need.

Q. Which part of your game are you looking to improve so you can move to the next level?
BRANDON INGRAM: To improve my game from a shooting standpoint. I think if I get that down, it will be easier for me to drive to the basket.

Q. Outside of Kuzma, which of these teammates from this game are you looking forward to playing with the most?
BRANDON INGRAM: Outside of Kuzma, I would say Dennis Smith Jr. Jaylen Brown. We've been playing together for a very long time with AAU and youth basketball. Kris Dunn. A lot of the guys. I play with these guys through AAU, and it's going to be really interesting to see these guys at this stage.

Q. Who are you looking forward to competing against and why?
BRANDON INGRAM: Well, the other team has a really good team. Jamal Murray, that's one of my best friends in this league. Ben Simmons, of course, he's one of the young stars in this league. It's going to be really fun to compete against those guys.

Q. If you could put together one move against Jamal, what would it be?
BRANDON INGRAM: One move? I'll take him to the post. He's too small for me.

Q. Any expectations for this game?
BRANDON INGRAM: I'm going to go as long as my body can take after these back-to-backs. I'm going to definitely put up a lot of shots tonight. I'll live with the results.

Q. Who is the worst-dressed player on the Lakers team?
BRANDON INGRAM: Let's see. You caught me off guard. Let's see. It would have to be my boy Corey Brewer.

Q. Corey, he's got the baggy jeans still?

Q. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
BRANDON INGRAM: Super strength.

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