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February 16, 2018

Jaylen Brown

Los Angeles, California

Q. What player on the other team are you looking forward to going up against tonight and why?
JAYLEN BROWN: Everybody. I think this is going to be a really good game. I think the World Team has a great team. I think Ben Simmons, and [Joel] Embiid, [Lauri] Markkanen, [Jamal] Murray, everybody. Frank [Ntilikina], they've got a good young bunch. I'm looking forward to being on the court to see what they've got.

Q. Anybody you're looking forward to talking trash to? Some buddies?
JAYLEN BROWN: I'm going to be talking trash to everybody.

Q. Jaylen, talk about being a part of All-Star. What's it like to be here?
JAYLEN BROWN: It's fantastic. The energy here is fantastic. Just L.A., the lifestyle, everything is fun. It's fun spirited, and I'm just happy to be here and represent the Celtics and continue to do that.

Q. We've seen you defend pretty much every position. How much did Brad Stevens help you in that regard?
JAYLEN BROWN: A lot. Brad Stevens is a good, defensive-minded head coach. For me, that was the only way I could be on the floor really is to play defense. When that's the only way to get on the floor, you adapt really quick.

Q. I was reading that you also took chess in college. Could you relate chess to basketball in some ways? Could you transfer some of those experiences?
JAYLEN BROWN: Yeah, absolutely. It's very comparable. You look at the whole scheme of basketball. You want to put your pieces in a position to be successful, and it's the same thing in chess. You want to control the middle of the board in basketball, getting to the middle of the floor, you want to control the game. It's the same message.

Q. I was reading a pre-draft report. Let me read it to you. It describes you as extremely intelligent, an inquisitive nature that doesn't fit the mode of a so-called basketball player. Would you agree with that?
JAYLEN BROWN: If that's the mold, what is the so-called mold of a basketball player?

Q. Ask whoever wrote the report. I guess it's referring to the fact that you are different in the way you're answering these questions?
JAYLEN BROWN: I challenge whoever has the idea or ideology of a "so-called basketball player." I challenge them to come out and say what that is.

Q. The Raptors have moved into first place in the Eastern Conference. Cleveland has made a lot of distinct changes. What are your concerns about both of those teams?
JAYLEN BROWN: They've been playing really well. It's something you've got to do all year. It's something that comes with teams. We've played well in spurts, and it's difficult to maintain.

The Raptors have been playing really well. Cleveland has been playing really well. But we've got to get back to playing really well too. So as the season moves forward, we're looking forward to getting back to the top spot.

Q. What's it going to take to get back?
JAYLEN BROWN: Just playing good basketball. At the end of the day, coming out with great energy, keep sharing the ball. Getting that fluidity back on offense. Defensively doing what we've been doing all year, and I think we'll be fine.

Q. It really was a fallacy, you coming in the league, you might be too smart. But it presupposes if you're interested in a lot of things, you're not as interested in basketball. But here you've made a quantum up leap from year one to year two. Does that sort of invalidate those concerns about you?
JAYLEN BROWN: Yeah, I can play, and I'm only going to get better in my opinion. It's just the tip of the iceberg. Everything else is patience, but I'm completely devoted and focused on basketball. You have so much time in the day, everybody chooses to spend their 24 hours different. I just choose to take advantage of every second I've got in mine.

So only going to continue to get better on the basketball floor, and you are going to see that. But I'm going to continue to do stuff off the floor that I'm passionate about.

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