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February 14, 2018

Julia Goerges

Doha, Qatar

J. Goerges/B. Strycova

6-2, 3-6, 6-1

Q. So tricky conditions out there, and it was a difficult day for a lot of like the big hitters that were playing on the outside courts. So what was the challenge out there today?
JULIA GOERGES: I think the challenge was to, yeah, get used to the circumstances you are having there, because it was pretty windy from one side. And if you have a tricky opponent, it doesn't make it easier. But no, I'm actually very happy and proud of myself the way I handled the whole match, because I played a pretty good first set. And I knew she's coming back, she's playing a lot of balls back. And yeah, I had a few opportunities in the beginning of the second set which I couldn't quite use, and she took advantage of that because I had -- yeah, she made my life a bit tougher in the second set on some of my service games. So she created some good balls for herself, and yeah, that's how the second set went away from me, just with one break. And in the third set I was right away there from the beginning and took advantage of it that she had a sloppy game in the second -- yeah, second game of her first service game. And from there on, yeah, I took advantage of her, yeah, mistakes she did in the beginning.

Q. You and I have talked a lot about your serve and how it's matured over the last few years to be the weapon that it is, and I'm just kind of curious, because we've been looking at a lot of the statistics behind it. Do you feel that it's better? You know what I mean? Like I can look at the statistics and tell you certain things, but do you feel it without the numbers?
JULIA GOERGES: Yes, I do feel it, first of all, from the speed. I got up speed wise, but also the placement is better. And I knew I could serve every variety of every serve like spin, kick and could put it anywhere, but I think there was always improvement the way the ball bounces and the way really goes into the racquet of the opponent. I think that improved a lot because speed wise it went up and in every kind of rotation you can put on the ball. And I can see the way they return my serve that it must have gotten better because I think they didn't get worse on their return, but just the way it affects the racquet of them, I can feel that I create more opportunities on my service games, like with the second ball or ace or service winner that it's, yeah, much more consistent on my service games, yeah.

Q. And do you feel that -- is that just technical? Is that confidence? I mean when you're increasing the rotation on your serves and increasing the power and the pace?
JULIA GOERGES: No. It's more work in the gym, I would say. It's a combination of everything a little bit, but technical wise I didn't change anything a little bit. I've been serving the same way as I've always been my career. But just like I think gym wise. We did work a lot on that, that I really, yeah, can create some damage there.

Q. And just with the success over the last few months, is it getting to the point where these are the results that you consistently expect of yourself, you know, kind of going deep or into tournaments, getting the wins that you're quote, unquote supposed to get according to ranking and all that or do you still approach it from a neutral perspective, I don't know?
JULIA GOERGES: I don't put any pressure on myself, honestly. Obviously you want to see something or some results coming when you put a lot of effort and work into every day. And I've been doing that now for I don't know how many years and I've been working with my team for over two years now and they've been always telling me wait and be patient. And I know it's not the best part of an athlete to be patient and it's not the easiest way, but I've been managing it very well and they've been always telling me, wait, it's going to pay off at some point where you probably don't expect it and I didn't quite expect it at the end of last year. And it's nice that I can continue playing this consistency of tennis I've been playing the last month. And it makes me proud also to see that there have been quite a few opponents where I had trouble with, but I managed to beat them now, and that's something which gives you confidence but also at the same time it shows you what you have been changing in the last weeks and months. And that's something nice. But ranking wise I'm not looking at it as you know.

Q. As you've told me many, many times I've been chastised. But in terms of in the clutch situations, like today, obviously dropping that second set and rebounding, how different do you feel -- do you feel like you're panicking less or getting down -- I don't know. Like how different is it in those moments where you need to like a biathlete calm down and^ chill out?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, I think it's first of all having a lot of matches under your belt. You get more used to those situations and you calm down a bit more. If you know what you are capable of, you focus on the things which you have proven that it is your weapon and it is something good what you can put on the court. And that's the main thing I'm doing. I'm focusing on myself. Doesn't mean it's going to happen good all the time, but it did happen well in some situations. But you always learn out of certain situations, even though it's sometimes not going well, but you just learn out of, yeah, also losses, but also situations, maybe okay, you have won the point but maybe it was not the right shot so next time you still take the other opportunity and you create some situation and you get more used to it and you get more the feeling of certain situations what you need to do in those moments.

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