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February 14, 2018

Petra Kvitova

Doha, Qatar

P. KVITOVA/A. Radwanska

6-7, 6-3, 6-4

Q. Petra, looked like maybe there was kind of an energy crisis in the first set. Is that pretty accurate. How do you think you turned it around?
PETRA KVITOVA: I have no idea, first of all, how I turned it around. But I felt pretty exhausted. Not like physically but most like mentally. It's pretty tiring all these matches. But you know, on the other hand I'm very proud of myself that I won it because I don't know how, but even the first set took like hour and something. And 7-6 I had my chances and everything, and then I won in 3, in the third. So that was pretty good for me. I didn't have kind of this match pretty long when I lost the first set 7-6 and then I won in the end. So I have to take positively.

Q. What do you think was -- were you talking to yourself? Was it helpful what your coach said? What kind of helped you, because you did kind of jump out to that lead after the second set after the disappointment of the first set. What triggered it all?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I just turned it off a little bit. I tried to be more relaxed, not really think about each point. Even though I lost the first game of my serve I think the second set. Then I was leading 2-1 and I felt a little bit better. Then the coach came. And was just a little bit, like easier and my mind was a little bit off. So probably I need my mind more often off and then will be better. But it's can't really be like that every time, but it helped today.

Q. How do you kind of manage all that I guess going forward? Is it something that can be fixed with one good night of sleep? I'm guessing no, but I don't know.
PETRA KVITOVA: I don't know either. Yeah. I tried to sleep well but I couldn't really. You know, I think it's anytime when you go out there and you want to win and you can just leave everything where you can, and if I'm not like really injured, then I'm going to play. It doesn't really matter. It's always some energy in your body, that's important. But it always depends if the energy is enough for the match. But I know that I can leave always everything out there. So from that point I'm okay.

Q. You're on a nine-match win streak. I'm just wondering because you've had other win streaks as well throughout your career. Is there one that stands out in your head that you remember?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think it was 2017, '17 in the end when I won Wujan. Then I lost in Beijing, actually then I won Zhuhai. So it wasn't that long.

Q. That was '16.
PETRA KVITOVA: But it was a good one.

Q. That was the last nice stretch that you had, but you don't remember the other -- you've had 10-match win streaks, 11-match win streaks.

Q. Yeah. 14 is the longest.
PETRA KVITOVA: Indoor; right? '11. I remember Linz and WTA Finals.

Q. 2011 into 2012. But you don't remember?
PETRA KVITOVA: No. I'm too tired. No. Sorry.

Q. When do you do to combat jet lag when you travel so much? Like you said, you're tired, but how do you -- tips, you know.
PETRA KVITOVA: It's always difficult, when I'm trying not to go to sleep obviously, trying to do something physically, and then I'm trying to fall asleep. But always like there is jet lags which is better for me and there are some which I don't like too much, like when I fall asleep in the night and waking up pretty late. That's which one I don't really like because I'm always kind of early bird. So this is a little bit difficult, and I need to set an alarm unfortunately.

Q. And then Federer is most likely going to get back to No. 1. What are your thoughts on his achievement, if it happens, on him achieving it at 36?
PETRA KVITOVA: It's amazing for sure. It's not another word for that. I mean he's playing unbelievable. And it will be just great for tennis to have him as a No. 1 again.

Q. And you had a long period away. I guess some positives. Does that extend your career a little bit because you've had time to take a break and come back or is it something you don't think about?
PETRA KVITOVA: I'm not very sure. I think it depends how the break looks like. I don't think that I had like an really time off. There are some injuries which you take it positively that you have time to put your mind off from the tennis, but there is some times which I think I had, I was still kind of working pretty hard on everything and it was not really easy. And maybe I like was more relaxed from the tennis, but I prefer to play that time. So it's always depends probably how the mind is set.

Q. It's a big match next against Svitolina. So what do you expect from that match and what do you think about kind of her within the last year and a half or so? She's really made that leap forward up the rankings and everything.
PETRA KVITOVA: It will be very difficult for sure. We play many times already, but it was like before. I think both of us we are in different time of our lives and career, so it will be very interesting. I'm pretty looking forward for the matches. It's probably why I came back to compete with those players, Aga and Elina. So it will be a great match for me. And we will see. I'm not a favorite of the match, so I can like just go there and play and whatever happens. But I know that she's playing very well.

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