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February 11, 2018

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Let's talk about the shot at 18. One of the all time greats at Pebble Beach. You see it down there on the beach and tell us what transpired?
JASON DAY: Well as I was walking down, I know Phil's walked down there before and slipped on his bum, so I didn't want to do that. My big thing was when I was standing out there there was a big wind in from right-to-left on the second shot and I'm trying to win the tournament, I'm trying to get into a playoff somehow. If I can get it on the green, hit this nice cut driver into the green, I'll be able to get at least put a little bit of pressure on him. You never know what's going to happen. But unfortunately hit it a little fat and kind of flipped over and went left. It was down on the beach, I said I'm either going to play right now and man up and play right now or head back another 200 yards and play from there and I didn't want to do that. So I just went up and I guessed on the line. Went over the back and the bunker shot wasn't as good as I expected because there was really hard pan underneath it. But coming away, holing that putt was nice. But it was just, I wanted to really kind of finish strong. Obviously I came here, my goal was to win, so I had to try and at least do something to give myself a shot at it.

Q. Driver off the deck, that was the play?
JASON DAY: Yeah, yes, well, it was 3-wood if it died down because then I could hit a cut 3-wood up against that wind. But the wind was strong and there was no way I could get 3-wood there. Obviously I mean you take a chance of getting in that front part and then trying to hole it from there, but I'm trying to, like, once again, it's pretty strong in, got to hit this big balloon cut driver out there and I gave it a shot. Actually that was the first time I actually tried to hit driver off the deck with that driver, so might as well do it, right?

Q. Last three weeks a win and a second place finish. Pretty good?
JASON DAY: It's good. I know can I improve. I feel like there's a lot of room for improvement. My wedge play needs to improve, my iron play needs to improve, my driver's actually been pretty decent. Wasn't as great as it was at Farmers, but there's still a lot to improve on and if I keep doing what I'm doing, finishing first and second in the first two events, but also improve that and kind of cut out the blemishes, then hopefully it will be more like 2015.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JASON DAY: Yeah, it's a hard shot, you know what I mean? Yeah, the whole back nine, it was difficult because it was strange. The wind was up and then it got really cold so the ball wasn't going as far and then it got really warm and the ball started going far. So you were fighting yourself the whole way and I'm like, okay, I got to 14 and I'm like I can birdie in, birdie in. Birdied, I parred 14 and then birdied 15 and 16 I'm like, okay, I can birdie 17 and 18, get a little bit of pressure. Unfortunately I hit a poor shot on 17 and that goes back to the fact that I just my iron play hasn't been as solid this year. But I'm only two tournaments in, I'm going to work hard at it and hopefully come out strong the next time.

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