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February 10, 2018

Paul Haarhuis

Richel Hogenkamp

Asheville, North Carolina

C. VANDEWEGHE/R. Hogenkamp

4-6, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What is the biggest thing you're going to leave with?
RICHEL HOGENKAMP: Because I was so close, first set, we had long games. I had opportunities to break her. I came back and mentally I was happy with that because I didn't start the season so well. I was happy with the way I kept on fighting in the beginning, even though I missed my chances.

And, yeah, I think I fight till the end. I think that's the only thing I could ask from myself. I was really close. At the other hand, she played really good points when I had breakpoints. Even in the third set, I had one breakpoint. She made an ace. What can you do?

Q. Up a set and a break, is there something you can point to that was the turning point in the match?
RICHEL HOGENKAMP: Well, I felt that my service games were getting a little bit closer. Before I was winning them maybe 40-15, 40-Love. I was serving a bit more first serves. She was starting to play a bit more aggressive on the return. So I think I felt it already like halfway the second set that I was having a bit more difficulty with my own service games, and she started to make some more first serves.

But there was not really a turning point. Even on 3-Love, I had a breakpoint. On 3-1 I had one game point to make 4-1. Yeah, I think it was just very close. Maybe one, two, three points in both of the sets.

Q. Pushing a top player as far as you did, does that give you confidence going forward?
RICHEL HOGENKAMP: Yeah, of course. Like I said, I haven't been playing so well as I would like to in the beginning of the season. This is for me for sure something positive to take with me for tomorrow and for the next couple of weeks.

Q. Paul, maybe not the way you'd have liked to have today go. How proud are you of the effort of your girls today?
PAUL HAARHUIS: Yeah, they gave it all. Arantxa didn't start off so well, so she was playing behind the whole time. Trying to catch up, trying to catch up. That was too difficult, with Venus playing well.

But in Richel's match, I felt she was a little bit unlucky 40-15 up first game, losing that, then breakpoints, not making it. I think if things had gone her way, she would have been up 6-2 and a break.

She turned it around after 4-2 down, to 6-4, then 3-Love. She did a tremendous job of fighting till the end. That's good.

I mean, obviously we're disappointed with the result, but I think Richel should be pleased with the level she put on the court and the effort she put into giving I think Coco a big scare.

Q. What is your mindset going into tomorrow? When you look at the chances on the court, even in the second set of the first match, the gap wasn't that big.
PAUL HAARHUIS: Yeah, any witchcraft maybe near Asheville, something. I'm Google-ing them already.

Obviously when you play a team like this, you need some luck, you need good form. Tomorrow, yeah, it's a very difficult task now. It was difficult before.

On the other hand Richel showed we, too, can create chances. If things fall our way, we can win these matches. I think that's why we keep with this. That's how we're going to start tomorrow. It's going to be tough, but it was tough today also.

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