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February 10, 2018

Arantxa Rus

Asheville, North Carolina


6-1, 6-4


Q. A slow start first set, but you seemed to have a lot of success in the second. How would you evaluate your performance today?
ARANTXA RUS: Yeah, I didn't start good. I was a bit nervous. Also because you play against such a great player.

In the second set I started to feel better on the court. I was playing more aggressive, had some chances. At 5-4, she play a good game.

Q. What were you doing differently at the start of the second set, the way you approached her service games?
ARANTXA RUS: I mean, she is such a great player, so you can't just put the ball in the court. You have to do something. I didn't do that in the first set.

Second set I played more aggressive. I tried to move her, I tried to attack the second serve. I think that went well. I had a few breakpoints. I didn't take them. Against that kind of player, you have to take your chances.

Q. How was the court quality today?
ARANTXA RUS: I've played on better courts, that's for sure. Yeah, I don't know, on clay it's normal that you have bad bounces. I don't understand on hard court that there are so many bad bounces.

But, yeah, on the court, I didn't try to put attention on that. For sure it's not a good court.

Q. I don't know if you played Serena or Venus in doubles, have you?
ARANTXA RUS: No, the first time I play them.

Q. Must be nice to be able to play them in your career.
ARANTXA RUS: Yes, of course, they are like idols. I mean, I know them already since I'm so young. You see them on the TV a lot. I played against big players, but never against Venus or Serena.

I mean, it's a pity that I couldn't take, like, the second set or play more of a match.

Q. The problems you were having with your serve throughout, was it a case of Venus returning really well or you struggling with your serve? What were the issues?
ARANTXA RUS: I think in the beginning I was a bit nervous. In the second set I played more aggressive. Of course, she's standing in the court. You have so much pressure. It's different than against other players.

Q. Venus did characterize it at the end as a battle. She acknowledged it was tougher than it should have been on paper. Do you take any pride in that?
ARANTXA RUS: I mean, the first set I didn't feel that. But, of course, the second set we had long games. I had breakpoints. It was not like that it went easy for her. You always want more when you're on the court.

Q. Venus mentioned on the court she was having problems with the altitude. Did you think that affected your serve at all?
ARANTXA RUS: Yeah, of course, the balls were flying. I think she had the same as well few times. That's what it is. You come here to play and get everything. I did that till the last point.

Q. Was there anything about her game that surprised you?
ARANTXA RUS: Yeah, she's playing much more faster than the girls I play at the lower level. So you need to be so focused to be on time, not running all the time.

Q. A lot of those themes, playing your hardest, being focused, her playing fast, how does that all take its impact on you physically today, what you have to do to recover for tomorrow?
ARANTXA RUS: I mean, I'm fit. Of course, every match you move. We have a good physio here. I do some good treatment and I will be ready for tomorrow.

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