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February 9, 2018

Will Zalatoris

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Two solid rounds down. Just how did you play today and you kind of survived a little bit of a rough stretch at the turn and was able to battle back and now you're still in contention.
WILL ZALATORIS: Yeah, I didn't really roll the ball as well as I would like to today, I mean it's obviously tougher on these greens, a little bit bumpier than Spy, Spy is just incredible I mean those things were so smooth and so fast. But they're still rolling incredibly good and really, really quick. The tough stretches I kept being above the hole a couple times. And it's hard, I mean you could, there were a couple putts today that I could sit there from seven, eight feet, going down hill and I could play it left edge or right edge and you just, hopefully it ends up just crawling in. But as long as I was putting good strokes on it that's all I cared about. I did a good job of that today and Crispy did a good job of settling me down, especially during that stretch.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on with the putter, like anything you're working on, something that you try to do when you're over the ball?
WILL ZALATORIS: No, I put a new putter in the bag, right now all I'm trying to do is just -- and it's really throughout my game -- is be a little bit more athletic, get my kneecaps over my laces and that's been paying off.

Q. Were you too up right?
WILL ZALATORIS: Yeah, well I was more just bending over with locked knees of sorts. My knees weren't exactly locked but that's kind of what it looks like. But, yeah, going into the week it's the same thing, I mean, it's a different golf course tomorrow, the greens will still be a little bit bumpier there, that's just poa annua, nothing you can do about it, and obviously enjoy the views first and foremost.

Q. How special is tomorrow going to be? These first two courses are nice, but they're nothing like Pebble. I mean are you going to have a little trouble sleeping tonight?
WILL ZALATORIS: No, not at all. I mean playing golf with Tony and Hunter and Mr. Dundon, I mean that's, it's the same. It doesn't matter where we are. I mean it's just another round of golf. Some people say Spyglass is the hardest of the three, I mean, okay, cool, so what do you change there then? Okay, nothing, right? So that's -- going into tomorrow it's the same thing. I'm in contention, I put myself in a good spot, just continue to Joel Embiid, trust the process.

Q. What's it been like playing with Tony for two days?
WILL ZALATORIS: It's been fun. I mean I played a little bit of golf with him at our club in Dallas and today especially was really, really fun just because we had a lot of good conversations. Yesterday I think both of us were trying to catch our rhythm. I was giving him a hard time because he showed up late to the first tee this morning. But today was really cool, we had a lot of really good conversations and it's, honestly, it's funny for me because I see him as someone who works on his game pretty hard and almost is like a peer with how hard he works on his game, quite frankly. And especially playing golf with him, it's funny to me because I see all these people trying to get his picture and whatnot and I'm like, I mean, yeah, he's cool, but he's not that cool.

Q. How did he play today?
WILL ZALATORIS: He played good. He had five birdies. He didn't have any shots either, so those were gross birdies. We tag teamed it really well today. I think we only birdied the same hole once and that was 10. So he did a great job.

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