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February 9, 2018

Julian Suri

Pebble Beach, California

Q. If you could just give us some thoughts on your round today. It looks like a pretty solid round at Monterey Peninsula Country Club. What was kind of working for you today?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, it was a good day. I think I hit it a little bit more solid than I did yesterday and gave myself a lot of chances, but the greens tend to get a little bit bumpier out here and so I just had to stay patient with those and you're not going to make every putt out there, but I did a good job of that and was able to kind of sprinkle in some birdies pretty evenly throughout the round, so that was nice.

Q. I noticed you had a couple of birdies on the par-3s. Has that been a strength for you playing the par-3s?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, I've been working on my wedges a lot and there's a couple short ones and a couple long ones, I birdied the longer one today on 14, and then I had a birdie on the shorter one, number 3. So, yeah, I think in general just the approach shots have been pretty strong and I'm giving myself a lot of chances on par-3s and par-4s.

Q. You had a great season in Europe last year and this is I think your third event as a sponsor invite in the United States. What's that been like for you? Has there been additional obligations at each event, are you feeling a little tired or how are you holding up?
JULIAN SURI: No, I'm fine. I've had stretches last year where I played six or seven in a row, so as far as going week-to-week, that's nothing new to me. It's easier because the traveling here is so much less, there's no jet lag, it's a little less of an adjustment. But I think that the degree of difficulty on the courses and how much they demand of your game is a little bit higher over here, so that probably I would say is the main difference coming from the last three weeks.

Q. I imagine your goal is with these sponsor invites is to try and get some sort of status, exempt status on the PGA TOUR. What, do you think ahead a little bit and think about what your schedule might look like, would you stay competing in Europe at the same time if that were to happen?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, I think so. I still enjoy the traveling and I think that it's done me a lot of good. And especially with the Rolex series events that they have over there and there's a lot of strong fields, a lot of World Ranking points in those and I don't see why I won't at least for the time being play both, if that were the case.

Q. You've had a bit of publicity recently with the Jaguars situation. You're obviously from that area and a strong supporter of the team. How did that all come about?
JULIAN SURI: A couple guys from my management team reached out to them early on I think in the summer or late fall last year, I think before the season started, just to kind of establish a contact and then once I finished up playing kind of got re-established in contact. And it kind of worked out well with me being sort of a global golfer and they're looking to expand their brand globally with them playing in London the last five years and they're going to keep playing, this year they're going to go back and play the Eagles, I think, in October, so and me being from the area and kind of was sort of the perfect storm for both parties involved.

Q. I was going to say being from the area and spending a bit of time over in Europe, you get the chance to watch them live, I guess you watch them on television a lot but do you watch them live a lot?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, live is tough but definitely keeping up with the scores and sometimes it's easier to wake up early than to keep up with them late at night. But, yeah, definitely something I keep track of quite a bit.

Q. So you got Pebble Beach tomorrow, what are you anticipating around there?
JULIAN SURI: Some beautiful views, that's for sure. It's a legendary course and I have to go over it a little bit because I haven't played it since Sunday because I got here a day early, since I missed the cut at Phoenix, so it's going to have to go over the yardage book a little bit and sort of remember what I'm supposed to do, and what clubs I'm going to hit and all that, but if I just keep playing the way I have been and kind of stay mentally tough, I want to keep this trend going.

Q. That's interesting, did you manage to get practice rounds at each of the three courses before you started the event?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, yeah, I did, I was able to play 18 at Pebble on Sunday, I played 18 at here at Monterey on Monday in the pro-am and then played nine at Spyglass and I walked the other nine. So I was able to see all three courses, which is nice, since I haven't played any of them before. But at the end of the day you still got to go and play golf, so that's what I'm going to try to do and execute golf shots tomorrow.

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