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February 9, 2018

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. I heard yesterday you said that Monterey Peninsula was a course you felt like you could get after, right and you did. 6-under today?
JASON DAY: Yeah, no it was nice. Greens were just a tad bumpy, but it wasn't, obviously, with all things considering, I mean we have nice weather, the course is playing nice today. Rolling out on the fairways, you could hit nice long drives down there and get yourself some scoring opportunities. The wind didn't really pick up too much. During the mid part of my round it did, but nothing too crazy, which is nice, we have had WORSE, so all positive things. Going into the weekend I'm excited about playing Pebble, I enjoy playing Pebble a lot too. But to go around here shooting 65 and not have a blemish on the scorecard was nice. So just got to get some rest tonight and try and get it to the weekend.

Q. What was working for you?
JASON DAY: I did a lot of good things, I drove it well, initial part of my round, and it was like more so the middle part where I kind of got things going, I made everything. It was very difficult to hole 10-footers, you're trying to get them started on line, I felt like it was easier to hole 20-footers, only because you're being a little bit more aggressive and you kind of are letting things roll on from there. So overall very happy with how things turned out. Obviously Dustin's, Dustin and Beau I think are tied for the lead right now, they have got a few holes left, so saying that they're both playing some good golf right now and it's going to be tough to try and catch them, but I'm going to be trying to push forward to try and get that win.

Q. Your thoughts on playing Pebble specifically?
JASON DAY: Not much, I mean I think it's going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow so the ball probably won't go as far. Pebble's different grass too than what we have here. So you just got to go out there and try and just inch your way back towards the lead. I think if you can do that, get yourself in contention on Sunday hopefully things fall your way and you come away with a win. But good positive things coming out of the last two days.

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