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February 8, 2018

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Sum up the day.
JASON DAY: It was pretty good. Just made a couple of errors, actually on my opening hole. I flared a drive right and then 8 is a pretty difficult second shot, coming out of the fairway. You need to leave yourself kind of up and around that hole location. If you come up a little bit short it's coming back off the green. So didn't hit it quite as crisp as I had -- have had in the past, but the short game is right there. I had a nice little chip in on the par-3 on the front side and then got it to 4-under. I thought that if I can stick to 4-under, somewhere around there, when I'm not really running on all cylinders, that was a good score, but unfortunately I bogeyed 8. But 3-under is a good start. The week is going to be kind of very similar to what we have now, but maybe a little bit cooler as the week goes on. Monterey tomorrow. That's one of those courses where you can kind of get after it. So I'm excited about that.

Q. Is Spyglass a little less daunting today given the conditions?
JASON DAY: Yeah, Spyglass, the back side here is sneaky difficult. There's obviously a lot more opportunities on the front side. If you get yourself in the correct positions on the back side, you can definitely go low. But yeah, we're playing -- no wonder the scores are the way they are, because obviously the weather is down, there's no wind, it's perfect conditions, and actually the greens are pretty firm and pretty fast. I think this is kind of one of the fastest I've ever played at this tournament, is the firmness and the green speed. So it's exciting to see that. Obviously it's tough for the amateurs, but it's good for us.

Q. How much do you feel the confidence and momentum like stepping on the first tee and how much does that matter?
JASON DAY: It definitely helps coming off a win. Right now I'm just trying to get back and reset everything. I had a great win, I got some good confidence from that, but once again, this is a different week, playing against different guys, in a different kind of a format with amateurs. So you've got to kind of just relax. I was excited to get into the playing. When I got here on Monday I wished the tournament started on Tuesday because I was so excited to play. But just got to kind of relax a little bit, just ease myself into the tournament and just don't go too fast because the rounds are going to be slow. Don't get overexcited and just try and make the correct choices out there.

Q. It wasn't terribly slow today. A little over five hours?
JASON DAY: It wasn't too bad. The thing is, is that we're playing foursomes and we're playing with amateurs. And usually if there's bad weather then it's six -- I remember playing six and a half hour rounds. So being able to come around just over five hours is really good, especially you want to get back and try and rest.

Q. How far was the chip in?
JASON DAY: About 15 yards or so. It was just off the front edge. It was just a little chip off the bunker's edge and it rolled in and then Chris Harrison came over and gave me a rose, so I was pretty happy with that.

(Laughter.) Really, I thought it was funny.

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