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February 8, 2018

Chez Reavie

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Great play continuing for Chez. We mentioned on the broadcast how dearly you wanted to win last week, how close it was. What are the days like after you look back at the good and the bad?
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, it's funny, you definitely lose a little bit of sleep, kind of what if I did this, what if I did that, I would have won. But all in all you got to take all the positives. I played really well, I gave myself a chance, I made a huge putt to get myself another chance. So it was a great week.

Q. We talked about momentum. How much is a day like this, continuing from last week that you know you're in a good place?
CHEZ REAVIE: It's great. I made some putts last week and it was nice. Starting my day, I made some putts early to start my day, and I tried to hit as many fairways as I could.

Q. In the big picture you've played eight events coming into this week in the wraparound season, you have made eight cuts, what is coming together that you feel confident moving ahead?
CHEZ REAVIE: I feel like I've got great strategies on the golf courses that I'm playing. I'm picking my spots better, I'm not being too aggressive, I know what it be aggressive and I just haven't made as many bogeys.

Q. What do you think of Pebble Beach on a day like today?
CHEZ REAVIE: It's just the most beautiful place in the world. It's fantastic. It's so relaxing to be by the ocean and play a fantastic golf course. It really is special.

Q. Good play continues. The momentum from last week to this week. Seven birdies on the card. Started with a hot start today?
CHEZ REAVIE: I birdied the first four holes, great start. I plugged it under the lip of a bunker and made a double, but it could have been worse. I made some birdies coming in and just played solid.

Q. Did you think you made the last one there on 18? I know that's a good spot to putt from.
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, that's where I wanted to be. I just gave it a little too much break.

Q. I know this sounds a little simplistic, but you drove the ball really well today. Talk about how that helps you shoot a good score.
CHEZ REAVIE: Absolutely, that's the strength of my game. If I'm playing out the rough and have the wrong angles it's really tough for me to score. So priority No. 1 for me is to get in the fairways and then I can pick my spots to be aggressive when I need to.

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