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February 8, 2018

Beau Hossler

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Playing in this event for the second time. How would you describe what appeared to be a relatively stress-free 65.
BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, it was up until that last hole, that wind picked up there a little bit on 18 and just a lot going on there. So I was just glad to get out of there with a five. But pretty stress free, hit a lot of greens, had a lot of pretty decent looks for birdie. The golf course is tough because the wind can switch pretty easily, especially coming through some of those trees. So stuck to a relatively conservative game plan and was able to get a few putts going in early.

Q. Talk about those putts on 16 and 17 dropped.
BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, 16 I had maybe about a 15-foot putt. Probably 10 feet of break. That's a pretty severe green. It was just trying to get that one down in two and fortunate that went in. 17, I had probably another 30-foot putt. That one was a little bit more a makeable considering it was just straight up the hill. It hit a couple of the right bumps and kicked right in the hole, so that was nice.

Q. Rookie out here on the PGA TOUR. What do you continue to learn each and every week as you get acclimated out here?
BEAU HOSSLER: I think it's just a comfort level, really. Especially coming back to some of these tournaments that I played last year. Knowing how the course is going to be set up, knowing how I'm hitting it. Last year coming off an injury and then coming out here, these courses had -- a lot of them I hadn't even played yet. I have a pretty good idea what I need to do.

Q. You're a California kid but you just told me you never played Pebble Beach until November of 2016. That was actually your pro debut at Pebble Beach Invitational. What does this place mean to you?
BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, it's special. I've had some pretty nice days out here, but this is as good as it gets. It's probably 75 degrees and a nice little breeze off the water. So it's one of those courses that you love playing. You've got to remember that you're playing a tournament and still try and enjoy the round out here.

Q. Great day, opening round 7-under bogey-free. A lot of fun out here at Pebble Beach?
BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, I love Pebble, right. It was a nice start. I was fortunate to make some birdies there at the end and get in the house.

Q. You made over a hundred feet of putts and that doesn't include the 55-footer from off the green on 15. That's -- just real happy with the way you are seeing the line right now or have you been putting like this for a long time now?
BEAU HOSSLER: Well, I made a lot of putts out in Phoenix last week. But out here putting on poa annua greens, obviously they get a little bit bunched up around the hole, so you kind of just try to give yourself a chance on the high side, hope that some drop. Fortunately today they did.

Q. 64 last week on Saturday, 65 today, going low is becoming a regular thing. Feeling good right now?
BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, it's coming around, game's coming around. I've definitely been trending in the right direction. I think I've kind of been kind of one round away the last few weeks from having a pretty high finish. Like you say, moving in the right direction, starting to feel really comfortable with my game.

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