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February 8, 2018

Julian Suri

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Nice playing today. Get some comments on your round.
JULIAN SURI: I got off to a really good start. Birdied the first three and then I had a little hiccup on 13, I hit one out of bounds and made double there. But then birdied the next three right after that. So been feeling really good about my game. It's -- last week was a little bit rough, especially on the greens, but kind of found something on the weekend when I was practicing, and then I put it to good use to.

Q. Have you played out here before?
JULIAN SURI: No, no, I never played any of these courses, but they're all beautiful, that's for sure.

Q. It wasn't much of a slow learning curve. It was pretty fast?
JULIAN SURI: Usually most courses if you hit the fairway and hit the green and make the putt it turns out all right. But with greens as good as they are here, there's really not a whole lot of excuse.

Q. Have you played any Monterey Peninsula courses at all?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, I played a college tournament at Cypress Point my senior year. They had a match play deal that Stanford hosted, which was incredible. But -- and then I played a Monday qualifier a couple years ago at Bayonet for the old Frys event, but that's it.

Q. Now how does -- exactly does one come about being the official golfer of the Jacksonville Jaguars?
JULIAN SURI: Well, I've been a life-long -- or not a life-long, but ever since I've lived in the area since I was 10, so I've seen ups and downs and I thought that it is my hometown team and it's been awesome seeing their turnaround from last year to this year. And, yeah, put in a couple calls to the right people and it worked out, so it's fun.

Q. Are they going to go on your bag at some point?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah it's going to be a bag logo. It's going to be a bag -- a couple logos on the bag and some head covers and, yeah, so it's going to be cool.

Q. Have you been a season ticket holder for awhile?
JULIAN SURI: I haven't been a season ticket holder, but I've always been going to games.

Q. It's a lot harder to get a ticket.
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, exactly, well it will get harder. But even when I'm overseas I'm always checking the results and everything like that, so, yeah, it's been exciting to see the turnaround.

Q. Have you met Shahid Khan before?
JULIAN SURI: I met him. My brother and I met him the first playoff game against Buffalo. We got tickets to the owner's suite and he was a nervous wreck, especially coming down the stretch. But he was definitely in a better mood once we pulled out the W.

Q. So you went to them. Is that how it went? Your team contacted their team?
JULIAN SURI: Yeah, and it was a good fit, with their expanding their brand overseas, they have gone to London the last five years. They're going again this year. Shahid Khan owns Fulham as well so he's got kind of a global reach. And with me being a European Tour member I see all parts of the world, really. So it's, it kind of made sense for both parties.

Q. If they had gone 3-13 would you have done that, made that call?
JULIAN SURI: Come on, they have been 3-13 last six, seven years, so why do you think we have all these top-5 picks? So, yeah, why not.

Q. Here's the toughest question of them all. Do you think that Bortles is the quarterback of the future for them?
JULIAN SURI: I mean, I think the way he played in Pittsburgh was pretty awesome. It's not easy to go up there to Heinz Field and do that. And he just had wrist surgery which leads me to believe that he had some -- he was playing through some stuff throughout the season. But like Barstool says, he's the people's quarterback, so you got to go with that.

Q. What is your upcoming schedule? How are you juggling that?
JULIAN SURI: My upcoming schedule? Right now, this is my third of three sponsors exemptions and then I'll have a week off as of now and then go to Qatar, South Africa, and India.

Q. Does the schedule change if you play really well this week?

Q. Going back to the course. You've never played it before, you had a good score. What did you like about Spyglass and what did you not like so much?
JULIAN SURI: Well, I mean I think the main thing that sticks out is the greens are phenomenal. They're really flawless, even late in the day. We were the last group out and you were still able to make putts out there. That's the thing that sticks out. If you hit good shots you'll get rewarded. But it's penal, too, you have to hit good shots. You can't get away with crappy ones. So I think it's a very good test and it's beautiful, even though there aren't a whole lot of holes on the water. The ones through the forest I think are awesome holes in their own right. So it's a beautiful place.

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