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March 23, 1997

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario


Q. Just a little bit more On the match, how difficult was it.

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: It was a tough match. It was very close. I think I had a tough match the first day, so it helped me be able to hang in there. I think the important moments, I started to get a little more aggressive when I had the chance. I went to the net, won a couple good volleys, overheads. That gave me more confidence. But definitely those are the kind of matches that helps you a lot. I'm very happy to be able to pull it out, to be able to win it.

Q. Do you think it's going to help you further down the line? As you look in the tournament, you've got a tough draw. Perhaps getting to the point where you're playing Monica or Martina.

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: Well, I'm just a player who thinks one at a time. I'm getting better and better every day, since the days are going on. These matches give me a lot of help, a lot of confidence back. I'm feeling better. That's something very important for two weeks long of a tournament. I'm just thinking about the next match. Hopefully I'll be able to be able to play as good as today, be able to pull it out and, you know, keep going. I'm very happy for my condition at the moment. Every day I feel better. It's something important to go on for the next matches.

Q. How would you evaluate your game right now? Do you feel completely comfortable with everything?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO: Well, I think I can still get better, especially my first serve, to win more points with that. Besides that, I'm getting kind of happy. My aggressive game has improved a lot. I'm trying to be able to win more points with that, not be able to run as much. With more patience, I feel good. With good concentration, more confidence back. Still, you know, probably I'm getting better. Hopefully, you know, I'm getting my game back again like it was a hundred percent before. It's coming every time better.

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Any other questions in English?

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