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October 4, 2003

Vijay Singh


Q. A lot of low numbers out there, a lot of birdies, but Tiger doubled 16, so was there a lot of things that could happen out there both ways?

VIJAY SINGH: I guess so. The key is driving the ball off the tee straight. You need to hit the fairways, and the greens were a little bit more receptive today than they were yesterday. You know, with the wind kind of swirling, as well, if you hit a bad shot, you can get into a lot of trouble here like I did on 18. It's playing tough, but if you hit the correct shots, you can score well.

Q. You told your wife you would shoot 63 if she came along. Why do you think that's the case?

VIJAY SINGH: I just try to get her to come out here and watch. I almost did it for her. Still, 64 is a good round.

Q. Guys weren't sure they could get that kind of number on this golf course. Did you think that number was available and you were joking with her?

VIJAY SINGH: I knew they were going to soften the greens a little bit this morning, especially after last night. It was really difficult yesterday. I don't know, I just came out here and I played really solid, and anything was possible. I even could have gone lower than that because I missed a lot of chances out there. 64 is a great number for me and it's going to be a good boost for tomorrow.

Q. What's the significance of tomorrow's paycheck versus your goal of that money title?

VIJAY SINGH: I'm not going to focus on that. I'm going to play hole by hole and do what I did today. I'm striking the ball well, swinging it well, driving the ball well, so if I can just keep that in mind and focus on what I'm doing and let everything happen.

Q. Are you playing the best golf of your career right now?

VIJAY SINGH: I think so. I'm swinging very well. I don't know if I can swing the club any better, and if I can keep doing this, I'm going to shoot low numbers.

Q. Did today's round help the fact that you had a couple higher rounds here on Thursday and Friday, to be able to shoot a low number today?

VIJAY SINGH: I don't know. I mean, Thursday and Friday were good rounds. Yesterday's round was almost as good as today's round because I only hit three fairways. I kept myself in there, and today was a lot easier to hit it from the short stuff, so that probably gave me a lot more confidence.

Q. You shot some low numbers on some real tough courses, Eastlake, Olympia Fields. Would you like to play tracks like this all the time?

VIJAY SINGH: I don't think anybody wants to play this kind of golf course every week. You'll go into an asylum if you have to do that. Yesterday was a little bit too severe. A golf course as tough as this, if it's receptive to the ball, then it's okay. If it's fast and hard and firm, it's almost impossible to play.

Yesterday a few holes were just impossible to stop the ball on the greens, and that's no fun. Today if you hit a proper shot, it stops. That's what we're looking for. If you hit a decent shot, it should stop on the greens.

Q. Is it tough to stay aggressive and have a defensive mentality?

VIJAY SINGH: It depends on how you're playing. You can be aggressive if you're playing well, and I was playing well today, swinging the club well, so I could go ahead and be aggressive, and I was driving the ball probably one of the best driving rounds I've had. If you're driving it like that, you're not worried about missing it.

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