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August 10, 1999

Jan Siemerink


Q. How did the rain delay affect you?

JAN SIEMERINK: Actually, I had some trouble after the rain break with the humidity. And seems a bit strange to be in it, but with my serve, I use a lot of wrist action, and when it's very hot, very humid, and you get a lot the of water in your hand, you have to squeeze your racket a little bit more. I just couldn't get my first serve anymore. And, of course, against Pete that's very important. You try and attack as much as you can, but if you keep serving with backhand, he knows you're going to serve there and he's going to make a few.

Q. Is he more than any other player able to sort of when it gets close or when it looks like somebody is challenging get to a different level?

JAN SIEMERINK: I guess so. I've play him four times now and I lost four times. Not that I'm playing bad all the time. I thought I played a good match today and I did make some points. But like you said, I have some chances. I was up on break in the first set. I had three set points, and those are things still if you're playing Sampras, still you should make those chances and I didn't do that today. It cost me the first set, and, of course, the match, because I think first set, I should have won that.

Q. Is it anything he's doing?

JAN SIEMERINK: Of course you know that you have to play well when it's game point. You cannot play lose points against Pete, because you know he's going to take the points, and you know that all the time. You know that you have to play well.

Q. Having him as a draw so early in the tournament , is that a disadvantage?

JAN SIEMERINK: Well, that's how it goes. Playing so many times a year, sometimes you have a good draw, and sometimes you have a bad draw, and you take it how it comes. I had a good match in the first round, and I was playing well. For me, it's nice to play against someone like Pete because he's a challenge. You know, it's a challenge to play. And at least now I know where I stand at the moment. That's good. It's good to know.

Q. So you're able to measure yourself better against him than maybe any other player?

JAN SIEMERINK: Yeah, I think so, because like I said, the first few times I played here, I played solid. But I have the feeling that my opponent was not playing so well. And it's nice to have that win, of course, but against Pete, you know you have to play well. Like I said after I played pretty good, but I just didn't take my chances especially in the first set., and that's a bit disappointing for me.

Q. How did he seem to be after the rain delay?

JAN SIEMERINK: I don't know. I guess for him, it's his match in Cincinnati. It was pretty humid today. It's hard to concentrate every point. I thought that he had his lack of concentration, also. I couldn't take advantage of it today, and that's -- you know, in the aftermath, it's still disappointing, but especially when you're back here tomorrow and you see the score and you still think about the chances you had. And like I said, Pete was the first match; so, of course he has to draw in the tournament, I guess, too.

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