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January 28, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Closing 68, how would you summarise that.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it was a lot tougher today in the wind. Again, I didn't play -- I struggled with my game this week, really, and scored pretty good considering. You always come off and sort of look at just the extra few positions you could have got, and 10 and 18 were sort of.

S, if you like. But overall, it's been a great three weeks for me. This week was difficult. I really struggled with my swing all week, and I was kind of happy to make the cut. It's been very good, different, but good.

Q. Is it difficult to back up a victory with another good performance the following week, and why is that?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I think your expectations are so high. You've just played great. It takes a lot out of you, winning, so your general energy levels take a while to recover and then your expectations are high. There's a number of things that go into it.

Law of averages, if you're playing well, you should play well the next week and you should do well really. It don't work like that and for me, it was a frustrating week. So I just couldn't hit the shots that I wanted to hit most of the time and I couldn't get close enough and when the scoring is so low around the golf course, it's difficult sort of playing and not seeing yourself sort of make them birdies. But I wouldn't take it back. It's difficult following up a win, but I'd quite happily give it a go.

Q. Conditions today, are they the toughest of the week and does that make your bogey-free round a little bit better?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Definitely the toughest of the week. We had it so calm for three days. Bogey-free is always nice. Just make sure you make some birdies. Made a couple of good par saves. I had some chances but overall, yeah, bogey-free rounds, they are always nice to have.

Q. And I imagine you'll consolidate your position at the top of The Race to Dubai. All in all, a good week for you?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Like I say, it was different to last week where I just couldn't hit the shots when I wanted to, and it was difficult keeping sort of your frustration levels down for that reason because you see the scoring is so low and you're not hitting the shots close enough to make birdies.

But it's been a great. Including the EurAsia Cup, I've had a great three weeks. Time to have a little rest. It's been brilliant and a good week. When you're not on your game, you have to make them performances as good as you can. And I've done pretty good this week so I'm happy.

Q. You must be looking forward to a rest?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting home to the family big time.

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