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January 28, 2018

Chris Paisley

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Your thoughts on a final round 69, what looked to be the toughest conditions of the week.
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, by far. Very similar to last week. The weather was perfect all week and then the last day it got up.

Yeah, they kind of were pretty evil with the pins, as well. It seemed every time it was downwind, they had a front pin, and every time it was into the wind, it was a back pin. Wind off the left, pin was on the left. Obviously I think they were trying to get scoring a little bit higher and make it tougher which is fair enough.

I'm really happy with kind of how I played. Managed to shoot 3-under which is a good score today.

Q. How did the game feel out there, a continuation of what you've done the last three weeks?
CHRIS PAISLEY: Definitely. I played nicely today. Hit a lot of good shots. The week as a whole, kind of felt I haven't played that well, but I scored well and my putting's been really good. To finish top five, top seven, whatever it will be is really good.

Q. Has that been the difference in scoring?
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, definitely. I suppose with the extra confidence, I hit a few pretty smelly shots this week but didn't bother me like it would in the past. Normally that would kind of affect my confidence a lot. But I just kind of kept on doing what I was doing and yeah, bounce back from some bad tee shots and see if I can get my confidence going.

Q. The putt on 18 for birdie just slipped by. Did you feel you holed that?
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, I thought it was in. I was going to walk it in but I thought I'd better not on the last hole. I was in a divot. I laid up perfectly and I had a perfect number, but I was in a divot, so I had to play like is a, 20 feet left of the hole. I was happy to get it on the green to be honest. It would have been pretty easy to fat that into the water. I suppose given where my second shot ended up, I'll take a par there.

Q. Just summarise these three weeks for us.
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, it's been incredible, incredible. Obviously my game's been in good shape. Put in three really good performances, that's kind of so far above and what I've done before, really. I've had sporadic good results in the past. I've had a few third places. But to have three really consistent, good weeks, I hope it's a sign of my game getting to that next level.

Q. What can that do for you looking forward to the rest of the season?
CHRIS PAISLEY: Yeah, obviously now, I think that should have locked up the WGC México for me. I don't know what my World Ranking will be after this but it should get a little better. I'll knock on the door of those big events now, and if I play like I have these last three weeks in those, obviously my World Ranking will go up. Just to play in those WGCs and majors and all those kind of events will be fantastic.

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