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January 28, 2018

Alexander Levy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. How would you summarise the final round 70?
ALEX LEVY: It's nice. I shoot 2-under today. Tough conditions. I played really good golf. I struggled a bit on the greens but still a good week. I think it's a good week and a good preparation for the next tournament coming.

Q. Do you feel you played some very good golf tee-to-green and just missed a few putts on the greens?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, I think I tried too hard today. A lot of pressure on me on my shoulder today on the greens, but I learned, I'm still young, and that's a good point.

But the long game was really good today in tough conditions, and also, I make bogey on 9 with a chip I was thinking was perfect and also don't make birdie on 13 with the same situation, perfect chip, don't release.

So I'm happy with this round of golf. I think I just need to learn confidence with that.

Q. What was going through your mind when you made the early birdies on 6 and 7? What were you thinking?
ALEX LEVY: Just nice, because I miss a few short on the first hole, so it was nice. And after, I think I tried too hard, and just today, I put a little bit too much pressure on my shoulder and it was tough. But I still shoot a good round of golf.

Q. Talk us through that putt on 7.
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, 7, it was good. I holed a nice putt on 6 and I holed a long putt on 7, so that was pretty good.

Q. A positive three weeks for you?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, EurAsia Cup was an amazing week. I learned a lot at that. I build confidence and yeah, Top-10 last week and top five this week. So that's good for the confident and yeah, I'm getting closer to Top-50.

Q. Do you feel a win is just around the corner?
ALEX LEVY: I just feel my game is there, and I just need to put my mind in a good way. I think it's only that, and try to enjoy and don't try too hard to have the results, and just enjoy. We have a nice life and I played good some golf, so just enjoy.

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