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January 28, 2018

Haotong Li

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Heaviest trophy you've ever had to lift?
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, especially I don't have many trophy in the home. I was quite happy to lift that heavy thing.

Q. Describe your emotions right now.
HAOTONG LI: Emotion: Happy, incredible.

Q. The way you finished off that round, is that some of the best golf you've ever played?
HAOTONG LI: So far it is. I just didn't realise I could make that putt on 15. That was huge. I think that was the turning point. And especially on 18, didn't realise I would make that one, either. Was quite happy and just happy.

Q. The two-shot swing on 10, what was going through your mind after that?
HAOTONG LI: Honestly that was a very poor shot. I hit four days in a row down there. And especially take an unplayable, just bad course management and waste a couple shots.

Q. Having bogeyed 10 and 12, you must be very proud of the way you fought back to win this tournament.
HAOTONG LI: Yes, I just want, I think most of the time, only two or one behind, so I just want to keep pulling myself in a position and just don't go too far away. Quite happy with what I did.

Q. To win this tournament and play with Rory in the final round, just describe that.
HAOTONG LI: It's incredible to play with him. Learn a lot of experience from him.

Q. Did you ever pinch yourself on the back nine there?
HAOTONG LI: Well, not really. Just play myself and make some putts, like.

Q. Ultimately, you believed in yourself down the stretch?
HAOTONG LI: I don't really know. I believe I think my game is in good position now, and especially after this week, it gives me a lot of confidence back, especially last week, missed the cut. So never been in this position again. Just want to be myself and play some decent golf in the future.

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