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January 20, 2018

Lauren Davis

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

S. HALEP/L. Davis

4-6, 6-4, 15-13

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you feeling physically, mentally?
LAUREN DAVIS: I'm very tired. But, I mean, there is a lot to take away from that match. I played really, really well. Left all that I had out there on the court, and I did all that I could do. I think there is quite a few positives to take away from and to learn from, so things are looking up, I think.

Q. Can you talk us through the injury you had? Seems like a crucial point when you had 40-Love.
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, it was definitely unfortunate, the timing of it. I think my second toes are just a bit infected. I was just jamming them a lot with how much I was moving around the court.

Yeah, that first match point just, I felt something and I couldn't really put any pressure -- it was my right toe, and then it eventually was my left toe, also. The trainer wrapped them really well and I was able to move fine after that.

Q. Did your nail actually come off?
LAUREN DAVIS: It's about to (smiling).

Q. I think many of us have lost toenails. How difficult is it to try to play through that?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, it was very difficult. I had never really had that happen before. They have been sore but not like that. Like I said, I couldn't really put any pressure on them.

It also took me by surprise because it came on so suddenly.

I mean, it's honestly like a quick fix. It will probably take a week to heal or something.

Q. When you're in such a marathon of a final set, how do you deal with that psychologically?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I have never played a match like that before where it went so long in the third set. We were both fighting our hearts out, and, I mean, every point was just super long.

I mean, I got to the point where I was so tired where I just told myself to swing and move, and, I mean, for the most part it was very effective. Because I didn't really feel any pressure or anything. Yeah.

Q. You pushed the No. 1 so close. There must be a lot of positives to take?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, for sure. A ton of positives. There's a lot that I think I can work on going home, but I think after this I'm just gonna really focus on all that I did well and just how well I handled myself at this tournament and just how well I played, for sure.

Q. While you're playing a match like that, how aware are you of what high quality level of match you produced? It wasn't just long. The quality lasted from start to finish.
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I think in the third set it was a bit up and down. I got a bit tired, but started really just talking positively to myself and being my own best supporter. Honestly, that makes such a big difference for me.

So I think I turned things around quickly, and, yeah, just fought my heart out.

Q. Today's game has so many players who are real tall, pound the ball with a lot of consistency. But this was a fantastic display of movement and grit by two more diminutive players. Can you just talk about what that means to you and competing all the time against taller players.
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah. I have always looked up to Halep, because she's probably like two inches taller than me. She's an incredible player. She uses her speed to take time away and rush her opponent. She's super agile and dynamic around the court. That's exactly how I play.

Yeah, I have always looked up to her and I think we have shown the world that we can be the best, yeah.

Q. You have been around for a little while. Even though you didn't emerge victoriously, it was an incredible performance. How do you think you can build on this?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I mean, fitness-wise, I was able to stay out there for a long time, so I think everything is good there, but I'm just going to continue doing what I'm doing.

With my game, like, I focus on using my speed to take time away, and come to the net, I think that's incredibly effective, using my speed to transition. I'm just going to continue working on my strengths, and, yeah.

Q. Can you compare that third set to any you've played before? And what was it like to hear the arena rally around you during that match?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, no, that third set was nothing really like I had ever played before, such an amazing atmosphere. It's definitely something to build on, because I don't believe -- there is many more to come.

Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I appreciate all of their support. It just really pumps you up and gets you going. Especially when the score is like that and three-and-a-half hours into the match.

Q. Give us a little love about Cleveland, Ohio. Indians did very well a little while ago.
LAUREN DAVIS: Did they? That's awesome.

Q. Have you ever met LeBron?
LAUREN DAVIS: No. I'd love to. Actually, I just went to my first Cavs game, believe it or not, before Christmas. I'm sold. It was so cool watching LeBron in person. It was amazing.

Q. Do you admire him?
LAUREN DAVIS: I do. Very much so. I was actually looking up the schedule last night, because I'd love to go to another game. There is quite a few home games coming up. So, yeah. Love it.

Q. If you would, just briefly talk about American tennis. We had such a tough first round. Does your run and this performance feel good in that context? Was it good to have Rinaldi out there cheering for you?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah. Very, very nice having Kathy out there. She's an awesome supporter of -- I love that she's the Fed Cup captain. It's amazing being able to work with her. Having her up in the stands is really great.

What was your other question?

Q. About how what a tough first round we have with 14 going out this year.

Q. Your performance, in a way...
LAUREN DAVIS: I mean, it's bound to happen. We have, looking at the big picture, American tennis on the women's side, for sure, is doing really, really well. I think we have maybe 17 in the top 100 or something.

I don't think it's a negative in any way. If you look at it from the bigger perspective, it's all about growth, so one loss doesn't mean much.

Q. A lot of people might look at this as a tipping point in your career. Do you think this will help you turn a corner?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, because I showed myself what I'm capable of. Throughout my career I have always struggled with being so critical and being hard on myself. So I made, like, a commitment to myself before this tournament that I'm going to be my own best friend and just my greatest supporter, and accept all that God has to give me. I mean, I showed myself what I'm capable of.

I think there is a ton of positives, looking at it, and I'm excited for what the future holds for sure.

Q. You spoke a little bit about it earlier, but in the third set when you're so exhausted and you're digging deep, can you talk a little bit about what sort of conversations you have with yourself at that time.
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, well, the third set, I mean, like I said, I was exhausted, so it could have been easy to get down on myself when I lost my serve, but just something as simple like, Come on, Lauren, you can do it. The body language is also very important.

Q. You mentioned that you had been getting down on yourself. Could you just tell us a little bit why. You had a successful career, but why getting down on yourself?
LAUREN DAVIS: I think it's normal, honestly, for a lot of athletes. We look at failure as a negative, and, like, say, you miss a shot by an inch and you do everything right. A lot of people consider that as a failure. But looking at it, like you did everything right for the most part, it's all about changing the way you see things and changing your perspective.

Yeah, just learning not to be so critical.

Q. When did that change come for you?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, really before this tournament.

Q. You just talked about how you admire Halep and how you play against a bigger player. Generally speaking, do you think you spend much time on the fitness and training as other players, or it's more about techniques and strategies?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I think fitness is incredibly important so that you can withstand matches like today. I do a lot of cross training, so I try and keep it fun, not try to be in the gym all the time, so I do things like paddle boarding, a lot of fitness on the beach, which is really good for your body.

I do a lot of yoga. I do things that I really enjoy and that support my lifestyle. Yeah.

Q. The match captivated so many. Deep into the third set, did you ever have a moment that, Hey, this is pretty cool? This is an instant classic? Out here on Laver? Any sense of that moment during the match?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I was definitely aware of what a great match it was, but for the most part, I was dialed in. I was in the zone and trying to focus on what it was I had to do in that next point in order to be successful. But, yeah, it was definitely a very exciting moment for me.

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