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May 27, 2005

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I didn't make any birdies at all. I made two birdies up until the 16th hole the whole tournament, and they were both par 5s and I never made a birdie on a par 4 or par 3, which is very unusual. My irons haven't been close enough. I had to make two birdies on the last three holes, you know, or else a very proud record would come to an end, which I don't know how many cuts I've made here in a row, but I've made them all in my professional career and I don't want to miss out here.

So it was very important, and so I birdied 16 which was good from eight foot. I hit two great shots down 17. And I was making a complete ass on the last; you can print that, if you want, because it was. I was making a complete ass of it. I knew when my third shot went big, it was a very nasty chip, very nasty chip down the hill there. It's sticky and it's like glue around the greens, and of course the pins are very firm and I left it seven foot short. Anyway, it went in.

So that's quite good I suppose, and I'm playing. I'm a great believer, if you're not playing, you can't win and I was way, way behind here when I first won in '98. I just made the cut there and I won the tournament. It's one of these tournaments this year that I'm not saying I'm going to win, but I could do well because of the course conditions. It's very, very difficult and very difficult to make birdies on. I proved that. I'm a great believer in the fact that if I'm finding it difficult, others are, as well.

Q. Ernie said they were almost out of hand.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 17th green is. I've never seen the 17th green like that. It's burnt. It needs water desperately. It needs water desperate on that one, and I think he's having the same sort of problems as I am. He just can't seem to get the ball close or get the ball in.

So, you know, everyone is finding it difficult to score, that's all. One to get it close, and two to hole the putt. But never mind, at least we're here.

Q. How about some of the pin placements?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I've seen a few today that I haven't seen before. 7 for five, I don't know where that came from; it was dark, I suppose. And then there was one, a few others I think that were very near, cutting into slopes, but I suppose that's okay. Don't get me wrong. Technology is making it that way that the pins are a lot, lot closer to the edges of the green than I've ever found before.

There used to be a rule that it used to be three paces, three paces on the greens, but they don't seem to be adhering to that rule anymore. Technology I suppose says that. You can stop the ball quicker, the balls are stopping quicker, so there's no problem there. It's preventing scoring around here, that's for sure.

Q. What might win this?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 10 under, 11 under, something like that will win, which is the highest total for a long, long time, probably 12, something like that. It's usually around about 18 to 20, isn't it? That's where I used to heart sort of adhere to, 18 or 19 sort of thing.

Yeah, I don't know what he's saying, Ernie, but I feel the same, similar to himself. Yeah, not easy.

Q. Does it need water desperately?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It does need water desperately.

Q. 17 was his prime example.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I couldn't believe when I saw the green, couldn't believe.

Q. Ever seen it this dry before?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, not this dry. Not this dry. Fine, let's have firm, fast courses. But the 17th green, we should be hosing that now, you know. God, there's three hours there's almost three hours of play left. Wow, they will be having fun later on. Never mind.

Q. USGA was called in. (Laughter).

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Shinnecock group were called in, I believe.

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