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January 28, 2018

Gabriela Dabrowski

Mate Pavic

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


2-6, 6-4, 11-9

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Two titles this week, Mate. How's it feel?
MATE PAVIC: It feels pretty good, I have to say. I did not imagine that I'm able to do that. If somebody would have told me, I wouldn't believe him before the week.

But, yeah, I was playing good before that. Also won two tournaments in Doha and Auckland, so I was playing good throughout the week and I'm just happy the way things went.

Q. Were you aware it was championship point this time?
MATE PAVIC: This time I was aware, yes. This time I was aware. We were match point down, so I was already aware of that, too. I was following the score. Not like yesterday. I just got lost for a bit.

Q. Can you take us through that tiebreak? They got four points in a row there, got real momentum. Can you take us through how you clawed your way back?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Well, I think we made a few good strategic plays on important points, which got us the break on Babos' serve in the second set. Then I think Mate served really, really well and had some clutch volleys. I think that pretty much carried us through to the end.

Q. Just your own thoughts and feelings at the moment.
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: I'm super happy. Yeah, I mean, I said it before, like, Australia has always been one of my favorite places in the whole world. This is like my favorite circuit of the year. It feels really special to be able to do well and play well and win here.

Q. What about that winner on the last point?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Yeah, I mean, I just had a feeling that she was going to serve a T, and I just, you know, tried to somehow condense everything that, you know, I thought of and have been working on in practice into one shot.

It worked, you know. I had a short swing, and I hit it clean. It went exactly where I wanted it to, yeah.

Q. What were the circumstances of you both getting together for this tournament?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Well, a couple weeks ago in Brisbane I read an article where it said that Bopanna was playing with Babos, and I hadn't spoken to him yet about playing. I had a lot of other things going on, so I was kind of just procrastinating the decision, I suppose, to find a partner for mixed doubles.

Then after I read that article -- well, it said he was playing with Timea. So straightaway, within a day, I messaged some people and Mate was one of those people and he responded almost immediately. Yeah, that's how that happened (smiling).

Q. Were you a bit surprised that your partner -- you won the French with him -- that he was playing with someone else?
GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Yeah, I mean, only because we hadn't spoken about it. I just -- I mean, I wasn't about to go find another partner without talking to him first. But this is the business, and this is the industry that we are in, and you kind of just have to have a tough skin.

Having played predominantly doubles for the last few years, I'm kind of used to hearing stories like that and whatnot, which is really unfortunate, I feel.

But at the same time, you know, clearly he made a good decision with her. You know, they played so well all week. They're both playing really well. So it was -- that's the way it happens sometimes.

Q. Will you play more tournaments together?
MATE PAVIC: Hopefully, yes. Why not (smiling)? I think we did a pretty good job this week.

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