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January 27, 2018

Haydn Porteous

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Third round 65, thoughts on that?
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, obviously to come early doors in the morning to finish our second round, I knew I needed to pace myself, and knew I could go back to the house and have a nice little swim and forget about golf for a bit.

Got back to the course and I felt really comfortable about my game. I knew I needed to do the same as I had done the first two days, and I managed to do that. I made some really decent putts and my scrambling was probably the best it's been in a long time.

You know, it's amazing how when your short game can help you out, it's amazing how it just keeps the momentum going. That's what I did today. I wouldn't say I hit it incredible. I wouldn't say I hit anything very close, but I took advantage of opportunities that I had and all of a sudden you're 7-under for the day.

Q. Nice way to finish, because that's a tricky up-and-down from the left side, isn't it?
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, I think the game plan for the week was rather be long than short. Depending on the flag, obviously, you need to adjust the game plan. I knew with the front flag, I could go long left and take my chances with an up-and-down and I managed to do it.

Q. Touch on 17, an unlikely birdie.
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, it was very interesting to say the least. For Levy to almost drive the green, he was the one that was supposed to make three, not me. I think Levy might have to have a word with me in a dark place and let's just hope he doesn't hit me too hard.

Q. Talk us through the putt. It was quite something.
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, I walked up to it and I didn't feel quite comfortable with it. It was the first time I backed off a putt the whole week, and luckily I did. Those putts are just things that you don't expect, and when they do, you just take them with both hands.

Q. The mind-set for tomorrow, bearing in your mind position on the leaderboard?
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, as I said in my interview earlier this week, always come to the motto in life, expect nothing and take everything. I think tomorrow will be the exact same thing, one shot at a time and just stay in the moment and stick to the routine.

Q. Must be nice to be in contention in a big tournament like this.
HAYDN PORTEOUS: Yeah, this is the reason why I started playing golf, and to tee it up with the world's best and compete with the world's best is just a dream come true.

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