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January 27, 2018

Alexander Levy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. That was a round that had pretty much of everything, wasn't it?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, really good round. I shoot 7-under and I feel good in my game. I enjoy to play golf. I'm lucky, and I played some good rounds today.

Q. Talk us through that fantastic moment on the fourth.
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, that was a perfect yardage, little 9-iron. I hit a perfect shot straight to the flag and I don't know, I get lucky to make because it's a lot of downhill, left-to-right, and I just watched the shot and yeah, perfect pace, perfect shot. But it's little bit lucky.

Q. How did it feel when it dropped in?
ALEX LEVY: Feel nice, but I look around and no prize, so I was a little bit upset (laughing).

Q. And then you had an amazing run around the turn. Talk us through that.
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, I promise you, the last few days I play some good golf. I just enjoy and try to hit the perfect shots. I got a good stretch 9 to 14. And from there, I start to think, I'm leading the tournament, so I put a little bit more pressure on my shoulder, and I miss three short putts in a row. But I bounce back on 18 with a great birdie.

Q. Were you looking at leaderboards?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, not looking, or looking every time. I just start to think about what can happen and I don't enjoy the moment. A lot of crowd there. It was tough because it was noisy and so I lost a little bit of concentration, also. So yeah, it was not easy, but I will learn on that and I will try my best tomorrow.

Q. On a positive note, it was a fantastic way to finish, wasn't it?
ALEX LEVY: Yeah, two great shots, one perfect drive, one perfect 3-iron against the wind. So good putt, yeah. It was good to finish well, the day, and to sleep with a birdie in my mind.

Q. How much are you looking forward to the challenge of tomorrow?
ALEX LEVY: It will be a little bit more windy I think. Just the challenge, it's all the years and all my career, tomorrow I will play 18 holes under and the pressure will be nice. We practise for this moment, and tomorrow I'll just try my best to get the best score.

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