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January 26, 2018

Branden Grace

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

BRANDEN GRACE: I thought yesterday I left a few out there. Could have been a few better. Was nice to come out today especially with the fog this morning. Sometimes get you a little bit stiff. Sometimes you overdo it, overstretch, overpractise a little bit because you're wasting time but it was nice.

I think the ball-striking was key today. Hit a lot of fairways. Only missed one green and bogey-free, especially around a place like this, it's always nice to shoot that on a Friday and get yourself into contention going into the weekend.

Q. Tee-to-green, was that close to your best?
BRANDEN GRACE: I think so. To be quite honest, I don't know if I missed any fairways today. I know the 15th was my first time I missed the green, and it was literally a foot off the green, as well. The ball-striking was pretty much on.

The last couple of weeks, I'm getting it around golf course but doesn't always feel good. Today I must say, I felt free and I felt in control and I felt that the distances were right. I was pin-high most of the time. So the ball-striking was there. That was a key.

Q. Was it a case of leaving the ball in the right positions on the greens?
BRANDEN GRACE: The greens are really good. They are phenomenal, actually. I think I maybe could have been two better. Like I said, I 3-putted 18 from being inside 30 foot for two, walking off with a par there, that's a little bit of a stab there in the heart.

The same the third, hit a good 4-iron, pitched it pin-high, just ran over, a little in between thoughts of what to do next. Walking off with a par, as well.

Some of these pins are a little tucked. So you have to go maybe on the safer side or more safe than you would have liked but that's the putting game. I think all aspects of the game was pretty much on and can go in the right direction over the weekend.

Q. Do you feed off good results in this region?
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, definitely. Like I said this is not a normal stop for me on the schedule. Normally start in South Africa and Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and by that the time this comes, a little exhausted. This year it worked out this way. Normally play well in the second week in the Middle East, so maybe it's a good omen for this week.

Q. Bit of a pep talk from the wife earlier?
BRANDEN GRACE: I think I had like two hours of putting on and off early this morning because they kept on delaying it a little bit, a little bit at a time. So I told her, I had pretty much two hours before.

And she said, "Well, you've got no excuse not to putt well today." So it worked out, it was good.

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