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January 26, 2018

Jamie Donaldson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 10-under yesterday, just the three today. Doesn't sound quite as good. How hard is it to backup a score like that with another one next day?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. I mean, I have backed up low scores like that with another one but today it wasn't to be. But yeah, I mean, quite happy with a 69.

Q. And in terms of the golf out there, you say you're happy with it. What stood out for you in terms of your play today?
JAMIE DONALDSON: It was pretty solid again. Drove the ball well. Iron shots were good. Took the birdies generally when I hit it close enough. Could have played the par 5s maybe a little bit better. I went for it a bit on last there, trying to get it right around the corner and blocked myself out.

Yeah, if you shoot three more, 3-under on the par 5s, as opposed to probably, what was it, one, then it's a different day. But yeah, 3-under, happy.

Q. Tell us about the stuff you've done to get your game on track, or what you haven't done, in terms of staying out of your way in terms of working on your golf game.
JAMIE DONALDSON: Winter, took a couple months off and didn't really hit a ball. We play golf, so much golf, all year. I've got two young kids; it's time to have some family time with them for a couple of months and it was great.

Come out for the season nice and fresh and you're reacting more to what you've turned up with, as opposed to slogging yourself to death over the winter. Each to his own. Everyone does it differently. That's what I like to do. And then nearer the time, start playing a little bit.

Working on my putting with Phil Kenyon, like I said yesterday. That made a big difference. Putted much better this week so far.

Then it's a case of, you know, playing the shots that you know you can play. Just keep sticking to what you turn up with on the day.

Q. Solid round of golf.
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, it was good. Played nicely. Drove the ball well. Iron play was good. Took my chances when I was close enough to do so. Hit a lot of really good putts that didn't go in, where yesterday they all went in. You know, but 69 following a 62 is a solid score. Played nicely. It can always be better, can't it, but only one bogey. Wanted to try to go flag hunting a little bit which maybe I shouldn't have done, but happy with how I played.

Q. How pleased are you with where you are after 36 holes?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, really good. I don't know where it will be at the end of the day, but I'm just concentrating on me and concentrating on putting that ball in those small fairways. You know, taking chances from there. It's a tricky golf course that you've got to manage your way around well. I did that well today again, as I did yesterday.

Q. Your good vibes off the golf course, how much does that help?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Yeah, good. I've got a nice family life. So staying in a really good hotel this week and it's a really nice place to play golf out here. There's so much to do. The golf courses are all really good and the weather's perfect, so you know, what more do you want.

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