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January 25, 2018

David Horsey

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. An opening round of 63, you must be delighted with that?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, very pleased. I've been doing a lot of work the last four or five days since missing last week in Abu Dhabi and it felt a little bit better on the back nine, a little bit hit and miss on front, but holed quite a lot of nice putts, sort of lengthy ones, as well. Yeah, the golf course is immaculate, so if you're playing well with no wind this morning, scoring is on.

Q. What was the difference from last week?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, just a small swing key, really. Not so much something I could think about on the golf course. Just trying to get the shaft a bit shallower on the downswing and it's just tied I'd up my strike a little bit.

Still hit a few right today so a little bit more work this afternoon, and hopefully get it better and better as time goes on.

Q. Going forward how much positive momentum can that bring?
DAVID HORSEY: Obviously if you shoot 9-under the first round of any tournament, it's going to bring you plenty of momentum. Looking forward to the next few days.

Q. You've not done quite so well here. Why do you think that is?
DAVID HORSEY: Don't know, really. Early in the season, maybe a bit rusty. Done a lot more practise this winter than I have done in previous. So yeah, felt something had to change because obviously not coming out of the blocks very fast in previous years.

A bit more work. I wouldn't necessarily say that that's the reason, but yeah, just if you can hit the ball on your target line, more often than not, you're going to play well especially on golf courses like this in conditions like this. So if I can keep doing that and keep improving that over the next -- over the course of the year, really.

Q. After the break, did you feel you needed a few weeks to get going?
DAVID HORSEY: Competitive golf, sometimes, yeah, you feel a bit rusty mentally. I didn't really feel too bad last week. I ground it out even though I didn't play well, and this week kept pressing on on the back nine and yeah, stayed very relaxed. Really pleased really.

Q. What did you practise more and how much more did you do?
DAVID HORSEY: Just, well, I think anything would have been more than what I have done in the previous years, not sort of touched a club till first of January. You sort of get back into it at home in the cold.

Yeah, I've just been trying to find things. I know what I needed to do swing-wise for quite a while now, but trying to find feels to get into the positions I needed to get into.

It's one thing seeing it visually swing-wise on the video, but it's another thing feeling it and having it function. Now I feel like I understand how it's going to function going forward and yeah, it's just a matter of time now to hopefully get better and better.

Q. Who are you coaching with?

Q. Did you come out here and do any extra stuff or all at home?
DAVID HORSEY: I came out on Wednesday before Abu Dhabi, so I had four or five days. Played an invitational over at Yas. Yeah, and then just didn't really come across this until the end of last week, so yeah, like I say, done a lot of work over the last five days. Hit a lot of balls. It's nice to see it pay off.

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