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January 25, 2018

Anthony Wall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. That's your lowest round in 20-odd appearances here. Your thoughts?
ANTHONY WALL: I didn't know that, I have to be honest. It's not been my favourite. I love to come to Dubai but it's never really been that kind to me. I think I got it all back in one go in 22 years. No, I played some great golf and I really enjoyed every moment of it to be honest.

Q. What was the difference today, bearing in mind you came off a missed the cut last week?
ANTHONY WALL: I played all right last week. A little bit rusty. I changed something quite big on Tuesday evening which was good. It's amazing when you aim at the target how much easier it is.

Q. What was that change on Tuesday?
ANTHONY WALL: Aiming at target a bit more. I wasn't really square. I had the winter off and I turned up last week and I wasn't aiming at the target.

Q. And the break, obviously it takes a while to get going. Do you feel that?
ANTHONY WALL: I'm all right. I've always prided myself on chipping away all winter, but it's the finer details.

When you come out and play on The European Tour, and all the tours around the world, the quality of the field and the quality of the courses are so good that you need to be spot on. When you're home, it's wet and cold and windy. You're happy if you strike it, let alone hit it close. So you lose that little bit of feel.

But as it goes, how I feel about playing tournaments, I've never really come to a tournament feeling rusty. I always make sure I play a lot of golf if I can, as long as my body is happy to do so. I've always prided myself on being ready when I come out at the start of the year.

Q. What momentum can you take from that round going forward?
ANTHONY WALL: Just believe I can have a good score around here, because I hate to think what my average is; it wouldn't be very good. I've always played all right and made cuts here but I've never seemed to get anything going, just middle of the field at best. Now I know I can do it and let's see if we can have three more of them.

Q. What do you feel would win this tournament?
ANTHONY WALL: Certainly mid-20s, definitely. 20-under, 25. It's in great condition and the weather forecast I think is good. And they are very good players, so I would say 24-under at least.

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