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January 21, 2018

Andrew Landry

La Quinta, California

Q. You played like a champ all week. What were the emotions like during these playoff holes?
ANDREW LANDRY: Just fun. This is a good atmosphere, obviously, to be in and I made a lot of good putts today and especially the one on the last hole and it's a tricky pin right here, there's a lot of putts that just kind of didn't want to break and just kind of held and it was just a good week.

Q. You made a heck of a birdie putt just to get in this playoff, made a lot of people proud. Congratulations.

Q. I know it stings right now, but I also know in future months you'll be able it turn this defeat into victory, a valuable experience you picked up today.
ANDREW LANDRY: Absolutely, I've been playing well all year, had a great season last year and I'm rolling it over right into this, into the fall and now starting the year out. So second place finish, we'll take it and move on next week to Torrey Pines, it's obviously a great course for me, I'm driving the ball really well, I'm doing everything really good, so we'll try it again next week.

Q. What a great putt you made just to get into the playoff then you had a couple other looks, did the greens change at all with the sun going down?
ANDREW LANDRY: A little bit. I felt like, I don't know, I just, it was, this was a weird pin location, I felt like it was hard for those balls to break and I read it perfectly the first time and the next two times we had the exact same yardage, exact same putt right there, so just hit it a little too firm and tried to take some of the break out and it actually just kind of stayed high, so it was a good week and we'll go next week.

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