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January 21, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. What a way to defend your trophy, coming home in 30 in those conditions. Golf of your life?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it was pretty good on that back nine really. I think turning a at the turn, it was just a few shots: The up-and-down on 10, the up-and-down on 11; 13, got a bit lucky with the tee shot.

But the rest of it, when putts were going in like 15 and 16, you just feel like, could this be my day again. Then 18, I mean, forget the second shot, the up-and-down was one of the best up-and-downs I ever made. So happy days.

Q. What does this mean to you?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: A lot. I feel a lot more emotional, actually, than last year. I don't know why. I just really wanted to win this one. It's important that -- I had the year of my life last year.

I know everybody has been talking about it, and just backing it up is the next big thing, really. So to keep it going and hit formerly, and to defend, it's a weird feeling coming to defend a trophy because it's yours and you don't want to give it away. So keeping ahold of it for another year is very nice.

Q. Is there a sense of validation for yourself?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah and no. You just never know how you're going to come out after winter. Just felt really good this week. Yeah, validation, you could say it, but it's just, yeah, it's nice to show to yourself that you are still moving forward. That score around this golf course is very, very good, so I'm very pleased.

Q. Have you ever played better golf than that?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I mean, I played great. Difference is all in the putts. I holed the putts on the back nine, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, the up-and-down on 18. I mean, today was pretty good. I'll have to think about it if I've played better. I don't know what it felt like. I was just in the moment and seeing the shots. I think, yeah, the way I played 16, 17, was big time really good.

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