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January 20, 2018

Martin Piller

La Quinta, California

Q. Seven birdies for 67. Just a couple comments on today's round at La Quinta.
MARTIN PILLER: Yeah, I was pretty happy with it. Obviously. I normally play La Quinta awful, I think my best round ever out there is like even par and so yeah, I normally never play it well, so I was just like happy to get something under par. But, yeah, it was -- make a lot of birdies, which is what I've been doing the first two days, so it's nice to keep that going.

Q. Was there anything that stuck out in your mind as to what may have been the clicking factor with La Quinta this week?
MARTIN PILLER: I think just more taking advantage of that course, taking advantage of it when you get opportunities. I think in the past I just hadn't really taken advantage of it. So really not worrying about the wind, not really worried about all that other stuff, just go out there and just playing and I think that's really what I tried to do.

Q. Speaking of the wind, I don't know if you saw on your way out there this morning, there was stuff, debris, all kind of stuff down. Did the wind play much of a factor? It looked like it kind of died down as the round went on.
MARTIN PILLER: It was hit and miss today, it was kind of all over the place, really. It was kind of all over the place and you would have moments where it would die down and then it would pop up and die down and pop up. And about the 12th hole it kind of went in a different direction. About the 12th or 13th hole I said, just screw it, I'm not going to even think about this wind anymore, because I don't even know how to deal with it. Because it kept bouncing and bumping around different directions. So I just said, forget it, I'm just going to hit. So, but, yeah, it was definitely a factor, most wind I've ever seen in Palm Springs.

Q. You're changing courses tomorrow, just some thoughts on coming back to the Stadium Course.
MARTIN PILLER: Yeah, well I like the Stadium. I usually play well there. I played a bunch of Q-Schools there, just like I think a lot of guys in the field have, so I feel pretty comfortable on that course and I've always played it pretty well, so it suits my eye and I always like Pete Dye courses. That being said, I still need to go out and execute and hit good shots. So but do I like the course. I would rather play the Stadium than any other course out here.

Q. Lastly, it looks like with threesomes you're going to be with a couple of Razorbacks tomorrow with Landry and Cook. Good guys, fun guys, you played much with them?
MARTIN PILLER: Oh, yeah, yeah, I played a lot with Andrew. He's a good player, been a good player for a long time, no shock seeing him up near the leaderboard or on top of the leaderboard. But I get along well with those guys, we're about the same age, so we get along well and they're good players and they hit it good, so it's a nice visual to watch.

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