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January 20, 2018

Andrew Landry

La Quinta, California

Q. Hard fought round of 2-under par today on the Stadium Course. Maybe you had the luxury of being a little in cognito being on the other side of the course. Are you ready to be right in the mix and under the heat of battle trying to win on the PGA TOUR for the first time?
ANDREW LANDRY: Absolutely. I love the crowds. The bigger they get, the better it is and I enjoy playing in front of people and it's just going to be a fun day tomorrow. So I'm just going to just continue doing what I've been doing and just hit a lot of greens and making some putts. Putts didn't go in today, I'm about to go work on it a little bit and maybe we'll get something going tomorrow.

Q. What for you did you feel like was a little bit off with the putting that you will work on?
ANDREW LANDRY: To be honest with you it's different green complexes over here, so just trying to focus on reads where my starting lines are and things like that. I hit a lot of really good putts today that didn't go in, so I'm just going to continue doing it, I've been putting well all week and my speed's been incredible, except for that last putt there, I was really wanting to get in that final group with Cookie, so we'll see how it goes and we'll play good tomorrow.

Q. It looks like you will be in the final group because it's going to be a three some with Cook and Piller. Three guys coming off the WEB.COM. You guys are all winners on the TOUR. What experiences will you lean on to help you tomorrow?
ANDREW LANDRY: U.S. Open, obviously that was a big treat that I got to get in the final group there and birdieing the last two I think there, so it's just, I'm just going to have fun and it's going to be a good round. I know Piller really well and I know Cookie really well, so it will be good to have some good guys that I came off the WEB.COM with, so it will be fun.

Q. Tough track, a windy day and you remain bogey-free, not just for the round but for the week. That is just remarkable.
ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, that's fun. I really thought about it there on the par-5, I guess 5 I think it was, 5 or 6, I was just like, I got to just give this a good chance and I had a good read on it, I hit that putt a lot in the practice rounds, so it was one that I've already seen go in, so it was a good putt and kept the bogey-free round going.

Q. You're referring to the par-3 6th where you missed the green, missed it with your chip and I was doing the play by play and I said, quite frankly, the odds are not in his favor. Then you roll it home.
ANDREW LANDRY: No doubt. Yeah, I just felt like that was a good putt to make, so just to keep the momentum going, especially going into the next tee shot there, it's kind of a tight tee shot and the pin was in a little dicey spot, so it was a good momentum change there.

Q. Great opportunity for you in the final round. Going to be paired with Austin cook, fellow Razorbacks, going together, you trying to win for the very first time, you played your practice rounds together and Martin Piller is going to be in that group as well, a guy that you came up with on the WEB.COM?
ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, it's going to be a good day. Piller's a good guy and we have played a lot together and same with Cookie. It's going to be a fun day, so hope the Hogs are going to come out on top.

Q. Bogey-free through three rounds on three different courses and you finish on a very difficult course, how the heck did you do that?
ANDREW LANDRY: It was a grind out there today. Wind was blowing early, hit it in the water off the first tee and hit a 6-iron gimmie, so that was a good momentum there where it could have been going the other way. But just stuck with it and it was a little shaky to start the round and the wind kind calmed down a little bit, so kind of calmed myself down and got it going.

Q. What do you do to calm yourself in those situations?
ANDREW LANDRY: It's kind of good that we're playing with some amateurs and we can kind of just chit chat with them and it's just nice to have guys out there that you know and obviously Lanto, we were playing, not betting or anything, but we were playing my team versus his team, so we were having fun and giggling around out there.

Q. Tomorrow you're going to be playing the Stadium Course again, today that was playing the most difficult course out here, certainly. But what did you learn about this course and the greens that you can apply to tomorrow and use to your advantage?
ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, I had some trouble with the greens trying to get them -- the breaks just weren't there. I hit a lot of good putts that just didn't go in. So I'm going to go work on it a little bit and make sure my starting lines are right where they need to be and we'll see where it goes.

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