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January 20, 2018

Paul Dunne

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. We've been speculating in commentary why you guys go so low on a golf course that's so long. Explain why you think the scoring is so good?
PAUL DUNNE: I think the last two days, there was no wind, or next to no wind, maybe five miles an hour or something. The greens are rolling well, and if you get no wind and good greens, the scoring is always going to be good for people who are playing well.

I think tomorrow, more wind in the forecast and I expect the scoring to be more moderate. But yeah, it seems like a birdie-fest, especially playing with Matt. He was 8-under through ten. I was 4-under through ten and I felt like I was 2-over. It was a good group.

Q. And you said the weather is going to change for tomorrow. We are perfect weather to this point and it is going to blow. Is that something you would relish?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, I'm more used to it than most. I think especially if I start -- perhaps I'll start five shots behind, you probably need a bit of weather like that to be able to pick up ground. Because if the weather is good and you start five back, you're going to have to shoot 9- or 10-under to catch the leader.

I think it brings more people into in with a chance and hopefully I can get off to a quick start, given the chance.

Q. The fact that you did chalk up that beautiful win at the British Masters last year against a really strong field including Rory McIlroy, have things been different? When you find yourself in this position with a chance to win, do you feel different?
PAUL DUNNE: Yeah, maybe a bit more confident, because I've done it before, I know I can do it. I think before you win your first one, you kind of hope you can do it and you think you can, but if you haven't done it, you're not 100 per cent sure. I know I can hit shots when I need to. It's just that hopefully it's my week.

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